Never Again (5SOS)

'Can I do this, should I do this, Can I fall in L..' I said to myself, I cant do this again, not again. I saw him there staring at me with his dark brown eyes. 'I cant not with him, his a player. All he wants is a night with you like Aaron did. I got up from the table to leave "whats wrong did I do something wrong" Calum said as he stood up grabbing my wrist stopping me from leaving. I pulled back and walked away without saying anything.


12. Chapter 11 // Ruiner

So team Calina or Jamina?? Hahaha


It has been 3 weeks since Calum talked to me or even made eye contact with me. He didn't hang out with the others when I'm around, its like when I come over and even if he is in a conversation with the girls he would just stop and walk away. The girls said that he hated seeing me and Jamie hanging out. I have been hanging out with Jamie ever since that day. And he is kind of nice. He flirts a lot an he makes me nervous but he doesn't push it. He knows about Aaron and he understands why I don't want to. And Calum said that if I stop hanging out with Jamie the he will talk to me. That is stupid, maybe it is a dream come true that Calum is finally not annoying me anymore and out of the picture like I always wanted to. But him not doing just that makes me miss him, I know weird right. But its that truth, I don't tell the girls that though. The person that I told about it was Luke. He is good at keeping secret when you ask him too.

Next week was out semester break and we had two whole weeks of parties. I still haven't figured out what to write about for that song. I don't even have a tune. When I thought that planning on staying in my room to write the poem/song Mel come out with her crazy idea. She wants to go to her parents beach house in Australia and she want all of us to go, including the boys. That means including Calum. She begged me to come, she said that if I'm not going then she'll cancel it and annoy me forever. So I HAD to say yes or Mel would do what she promised to do. And she is a girl of her words. Mel asked if Jamie wanted to come but he rejected the invitation by saying that he had to go home cause his mom was sick. Cute right.

"Hurry up Lina, why are you always late. You're always organized. We're not moving, its only a week in a half. Come on we're gonna miss the flight." Mel yelled from down stairs. "Ok ok, I'm coming." I yelled back, I was just doing my check list, anything could happen. We got to be ready for everything.


"5 minutes till departure for passengers of flight 372 to Sydney gate 4" said a lady through the speaker. We got to the gate 5 minutes early. Mel was so excited and has a friend who is always early for anything.

But what had been running through my mind was Calum isn't there yet and Luke told me that Calum doesn't know that I'm going. And I'm worried that I'll ruin his vacation just because I was there.

"Guy's sorry the I'm la-" I heard someone yelled from behind but paused when they reached us. "What is she doing here?" He said in disgust, I stood up crossing my arms across my chest facing him "Excuse me, stop being a dick and man up. I didn't come here just so I could hear you complain. You welcome to leave you know." I snapped out in anger and rage in my eyes. I hated him making it like I did something wrong to him. He had no right to tell who I can hang out with. "Gladly!" He yelled out, Shit me and my big mouth. I didn't meant it literally, the girls are going to hate me. He walked away and I looked around they were all shoot me a gaze that made me feel even worst. "Fine,"

I turned and chased Calum before he disappeared. "Calum stop!" I yelled, but he didn't stop so I sprinted to catch him. Then I grabbed him by the arm, "Please..Sstopp." I gasped out, "WHAT!" He snapped, I noticed that everyone that was around turned, even stopped what they were doing when they heard he yelled.

"I'm sorry Calum for what ever I did to you. I seriously don't know what I did. Please don't leave, they would hate me if you left. They said you knew I was going and that you were ok with it. If I knew that you didn't know I was coming I wouldn't have agreed. I would rather spend two whole week in my room then ruining someones vacation. Please Calum, don't make me get in my knees and beg." I said as I took both oh his hands. I looked him in the eyes, he stayed quiet for a few minutes "So, what are you waiting for?" I chuckled out,

"Your seriously making me do it?" I asked, I sigh and got ready to get on my knees but thank god he stopped me "I was just kidding you know."

"You know I don't like jokes," I said with a serious tone. "Come on lets get back to the others." He giggled out, that giggle is so cute. I miss that giggle so much.

"You missed my giggle?" He asked as he was walking beside me as we headed to the gate. Did I literally said that aloud shit. "No what, I didn't say that. When in hell did I say I missed you stupid little-" he cut me with a huge laugh "I was teasing with you." He said with a smile, I looked down to the ground because I was fucking blushing. Why am I blushing, I never blush. Especially not with this jerk. "Are you blushing?" He asked

I looked up and bit my lip to stop myself from blushing even more, what is this feeling in my stomach that I feel when he talks to me or even just looking at him. And why is he talking to me in his sweet little voice. "I'm so not blushing, my feet hurts from this stupid heals that Cat forced me too we-" I didn't get to finish my sentence cause Calum swept me off my feet, When I say 'swept me off my feet' I meant it he was carrying me bridal style "Calum what are you doing," I wrapped my arms around his neck so I wont fall if that's what he was trying to do as I whispered not trying to make a scene. "You said that your feet hurt, so I'm being a gentleman, helping you."

I rolled my eyes as if I was annoyed of his comment, why was he so cheesy all of a sudden. "You do know I'm not a baby right." I said

"I know" he said

When we reached the others they all stopped what they were doing and looked up at me. Calum stopped in front of them but he wasn't setting me down. I didn't even realize it until Ashton cleared up his throat. "Comfortable." Michael giggled out. I unwrapped my arms from his neck and jumped off as fast as I could. "He urm, we urm. Its not what it looks like" I nervously said as I looked down at my feet cause I was blushing again. "Yeah, it was not alright." Addy sarcastically spoke up wiggling her eyebrow. "Ok lets just go before the plane take off." I said snatching my beg and hurried to the gate before the others could say a thing. Then I heard their laughter filled the whole room.

This is going to be a long week.


She is so cute when she's blushing. When I carried her I thought she was going to heavy but to my surprise she wasn't at all. I imagined that she would slap me across the face cause I caught he like that. The weird thing is she didn't but she did blush a lot. When she got off me and ran off to the entrance left me smiling on my own. Just seeing her like that makes me flutter. Why does she always make me feel like this, from the first day that we met. She make me feel like I was standing on thin air.

"So?" Luke looked at me as the others went inside. I looked at him weirdly "what?" He smiled "what was that about?"

Urrgh I hate this, I hate it when Luke comes and ask me all this question, I know things that some people may not know about Luke. He can lie to the others but he can never lie to me. Not in my face though, knowing that he.. Just forget about it. Why do I even care, its not like I'm into Lina in anyway. She's not my type anyway. "Nothing,"


Whoa, what was he going to say about Luke? Hahaha 😱😱😱😱

Did he really meant that Lina isn't his type or otherwise?😱😱

What should happen next? 😁😁😁

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