Never Again (5SOS)

'Can I do this, should I do this, Can I fall in L..' I said to myself, I cant do this again, not again. I saw him there staring at me with his dark brown eyes. 'I cant not with him, his a player. All he wants is a night with you like Aaron did. I got up from the table to leave "whats wrong did I do something wrong" Calum said as he stood up grabbing my wrist stopping me from leaving. I pulled back and walked away without saying anything.


11. Chapter 10 // What??


"Lina.." I almost jumped out of my skin when someone grabbed my shoulder from behind and yelled my name out loud. I was too lost in my thoughts of finding the perfect storyline for my poem. Usually I had all the ideas in a blink of an eye but this one its just blank. I want this to be perfect. "Hell, what if I had a heart attack in the-" I yelled out as I turned to face the person but froze in my sentence when I saw who it was. "You." I pointed a finger at his face and pulled back when I realized it was rude and weird. What the hell is he doing here. I met him like once and I never thought that I'd see his beautiful eyes ever again.

"Yes me." He spoke up snapping me out of my thoughts. He gave me this sweet little smile of his that melted my heart instantly. My heart was racing like it never was in a long time. Why?

I realized that I was staring at him not saying a word, so weird "Jamie right, sorry for staring. I just never thought to see you here." He smiled again and let out this cute little giggle "I just moved here from L.A, your kinda the second person I know. My friend left me at history class early this morning. He never came to pick me up for lunch. The I saw you."

"Oh that explains it, I was just heading to meet my friends that is near the cafeteria. You should join us, that is if you want to." I offered, " yeah sure I'd love to, thanks." We walked and talked as we headed to where the girls would be under out big tree. The tree was marked as out hangout and no one except us was to be seen there out supervision. Funny right, not. Everyone knows the deal, whoever cross that deal get a piece of Addy. She's a real lady to say.

When we got there all their eyes was fixed right at us as we walked towards them. That totally didn't make it better. "Girls, boys meet Jamie," I pointed out as we got there, "Jamie this is Cat, Luke, Addy, Michael, Mel and Ashton." I said as I pointed out each one of them. Jamie hold out his hand and smiled "Hi nice to meet you all."

"So your the guy Calum has been cursing about all day." Michael blurred out, "Wait, this guy was at out house last night." Addy continued. Wait what! Calum was cursing at Jamie? I mean he met that guy last night, but why would he get mad at him about. Weird, "Actually he was, and-" I answered but Jamie cut me off "And she threw a pillow at my face too." What, why the hell did he say that, everyone narrowed their gaze at me wanting to know why the hell did I threw a pillow at his face. Shit! "I said I was sorry," I turned to him, but just a look at his face made me laughed so hard. Remembering how he looked like when he fall straight down on the floor with a pillow on his face. He joined in the laughter, but the others was so lost of what was so funny.

"You didn't tell us you hooked up last night Lina." Cat cut me off my laughter. "We did not hook up actually." Jamie answered saving me from the awkwardness. Hello friend I don't just hook up with a random guy that I had just net, well unlike you. Woah what, thank god I didn't say that aloud.

We both sat down and Jamie fit in just fine with the boys. They talked about sports and music. And who would've know that he was a gamers boys. So he and Michael got a long just fine. Luke and Cat was talking again, well actually more then that. They were back to normal. I'm so happy for them.

When the bell rang we all rushed to our class and mine was Math, my favorite class ever. I'm a math major, thats why I had to tutor Calum. Speaking to tutoring I forgot to reschedule his tutor class with me. Before we separated to go to our class Michael whispered something so weird to me that I couldn't help thinking "You picked the right guy Lina. He is ok." What was that suppose to mean, I mean Jamie is cute, hot actually and nice. He got along with my friends perfectly. But that doesn't mean that I'm gonna be dating him or anything. I have too much to think about other then love and having a boyfriend.

I got to class just in time, Mr. Wilfred is always 5 minutes last to class but he is good at what his doing, his kind of my favorite lecturer in campus. I took my seat that was at the very front of class, then I saw Calum walking in. I really had to reschedule his tutor class with me before he reports it to Mr.Wilfred I don't want to disappoint him at all. Maybe after class I could talk to him.


The class went well today and Calum had been so quiet the whole time, an that had got me so worried. He isn't that quiet in class, even though he was determined to ace this class. He always has his weird question that annoys me.

The bell went off and we got up and headed out then I saw my chance to go up to Calum and talk about the tutor. "Calum," I yelled but not that loud, its rude. But he didnt reply, he didnt even look back, so I ran after him and grabbed him by the wrist, not so hard though. "Calum wait up." But what caught me by surprise was an angry Calum. "What the hell Lina, don't touch me." Woah what the hell, he didn't mind me touching him at the club that night, why are today so weird. I didn't reply his comment or took anything serious about it either. "I just want to reschedule the tutor cla-" before I could finish he cut me off

"Just forget it Lina, I don't need you to tutor me. I'm not stupid, just throw yourself at that guy and fuck him already. Plus, I could fine a better tutor then you. Whatever you taught me isn't doing any better for me. I'm not getting any smarter. Just forget about it" after he was done he turned at walked away leaving me there frozen with no word. The word that came out of his mouth hurt me in a lot of ways inside. Why? I dont even know. And what the hell is he talking about, throwing myself at a guy. Why is he acting stupid today? Does this has to do with Jamie and last night and also what Michael had just told me. Fuck, why is my life so fucked.

Nahh, whatever. He would find me when he needs my help with math sooner or later. Or even a favor. His Calum Hood, he has never been mad at me for so long. Why is this any different. Right?


Oh my, why is Calum so mad? 😱😱😱😱

What should happen next? Who's POV next. So happy that Luke and Cat are ok. Hahahaha. 😁😁😁😁

Pluss I have a ned fanfic, go check it out. Its a Michael fanfic, "I Will Not!!"

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