The Runaways

When Skylar Modelle leaves her childhood, she runs from authorities. But when she meets another runaway, can they live without necessities? Water? Food? Money? Or is the love for each other all they need? Running from cops and jumping train tracks, are not a problem for this gorgeous criminal who just doesn't know it.


5. phone calls & icy waters

CHAPTER FIVE: phone calls & icy waters

"Skylar. Skylar!" A familiar voice said. I rolled over, my neck aching from the cold concrete floor. I slowly lifted my head. "Help me!" Kurt yelled, hugging the side of the tracks. I quickly sat up and grabbed his hand. "That sweeper nearly KILLED ME!" He said trying to catch his breath. "I just had....a really crazy dream." I said fumbling for words. "What was it about?" He asked curiously. I told him my whole experience with hot wiring a car, being chased by cops, all of it. "That's intense!" He said when I was finished. "You must have really smacked your head when I laid you up here. I'm so sorry. I was just trying to help. Are you okay?" I looked at him with a smirk. "Don't feel bad. I've fallen out a four story bedroom window. But that dream was worse than the hit!" I said jokingly. "Well, we should probably get some sleep." He said standing up. He reached his hand out for me to get up, but instead if being hesitant, I grabbed it.

When we got to the other side of the tracks, we lay down next to a column. But I was too scared to close my eyes.

The next morning, Kurt was still asleep and a busy rush of people cruised along either texting or chewing tobacco. I shook his shoulder and he slowly opened his eyes. "Where are we? What time is it?" He sat up on one elbow, his voice raspy. "Well," I started looking around. "I'm pretty sure we are still in a train station and it's about eight right now." He smiled. "I thought you don't do 'we'." I shook my head giggling.

About 3 hours later, we were walking down 10th street looking for a quick place to stop and sit. Kurt bought toast and smoothies at a gas station and we were walking for a while now. "Oh shit!" He said ducking behind a bus stop sign. "What!" I shouted worried it was the cops. "It's leslie. My sister. If she tells dad that I'm still alive then you will go to jail and-" I grabbed his wrist. "Don't worry about me! We will be okay. You hear me?" I shouted loudly. He nodded. Leslie was a tall blonde haired figure with green eyes. She was wearing a red beanie and a matching trench coat. Stilettos covered her red painted toe nails and they clacked when she walked. Her lips were a bright pink which matched her cheeks. She strolled passed a dress shop which then I noticed her Louis Vuitton handbag. She stepped closer to us and I shoved Kurt into the small coffee shop on the corner. But before he made it through the door she called out, "Kurt?!" He slowly turned around seeming afraid like a mouse that lost its will to live to a cat. "Hi." He responded with a small wave. She seemed frustrated. "Your freakin' alive!? Dad and eye have been looking for you since Friday morning! Why did You LEAVE!?" He looked confused. "Well, it doesn't matter Leslie. I'm not coming home!" She unsnapped the buckle on her purse and pulled out an iPhone 6. "It's either you come home, or I call the cops." She grinned evilly. "And who is the tramp that you have been bringing with you. Did you leave for her? She isn't worth it. Kenzie was better than this!" Kurt arched his eyebrows. "Don't talk about Kenzie." He pointed his finger at her. She flicked her finger across the screen then held it up to her face. "Hello I would like to report a found person." She silently nodded. I slowly turned and whispered to Kurt. "Let's go." We took off running down the street and turned the block. People stared as we sprinted towards the nearest bus stop. A large blue bus lurched to a stop and let out a huge gust of gas. The doors slid open and Kurt and I padded up the plastic steps and handed the driver eight dollars in cash. He was a plump old man with a dodgers baseball cap. He folded the warn bills and tucked them in his pocket. I walked to the bench seat at the back of the bus. Kurt's sat down closest to the window. I was tired and out of breath so I sat my head in his lap and stretched my legs across the velvet seat. He slowly put his arm over my shoulder and held the hand that was by my side. Another pang shot through my stomach. But this time, it wasn't Kurt. I looked up at him as he glared listlessly out the window. "Um....Kurt?" I asked quietly trying not to disturb the others on the he bus. He looked down at me and smiled. "Yeah?" I turned my body to lay on my back and I looked into his blue eyes. "Two questions., if we are in New Jersey, and you lived in New York, why is your sister down here....and two....who is...if I may ask....Kenzie?" He rubbed my shoulder and sighed probably racking his brain for an answer. "Well, two answers. I did live in New York. But Leslie isn't my sister. She is my foster sister. She lived with my dad and I for awhile, but whenever he wasn't around, she would do something mean to me. Then, she would go crying to my dad telling him that I was the one being mean to her. Then her punished me. But as soon as I left, she moved here. And two, Kenzie was my girlfriend from when I was living with my dad. She would come over and....we would hang out. And one day, she had cancer and she passed away." I cuddled into his leg. "I'm sorry." He nodded in response. "Me too.....hey do you think that I should....go my dad?" The blood drained from my face. "Seriously? I can't believe this." I said sitting up. "You told me that he wasn't important to you. That I was the only important thing in your life. You told me that I meant the world to you....and you wouldn't leave me." My eyes teared up. "And you even said that you loved me too much to let me be killed. Or did you just do this to get me arrested. Are you and Leslie part of a scheme?" He looked at my like a sad puppy. "No! I love you I meant-" I cut him off. You love me? "Or do you say that to every girl you ever meet." I looked up over the seat. "Stop the bus please!" I yelled to the driver. "But we are on the bridge-" "STOP THE DAMN BUS!" I interrupted. I ran up to the front of the bus and exited the the doors, Kurt behind me. Many cars were backed up in traffic as well. I ran across to the other side of the bridge where the water flowed fast under my feet. We seemed so high up my stomach dropped. "SKYLAR!" Kurt yelled. I ignored him and stood in the wall not looking down. I just closed my eyes and jumped. The wind was strong against my limbs as I slowly plummeted towards my death. My feet hit the icy water and I began to sink. I struggled for air as I tried to paddle. I can't swim. I said to myself. Kurt wrapped his arms around me trying to pull me to the top. I struggled to let go. The stress of my life flashed before me. My past played like a movie on fast forward. Why did I do this? It wasn't Kurt's fault. The stress of my life piled so high I cracked causing me to commit suicide. Everything went blurry as Kurt began to try and pull on me but his strength weakened. Soon enough, everything went dark.

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