The Runaways

When Skylar Modelle leaves her childhood, she runs from authorities. But when she meets another runaway, can they live without necessities? Water? Food? Money? Or is the love for each other all they need? Running from cops and jumping train tracks, are not a problem for this gorgeous criminal who just doesn't know it.


3. electricity


After chatting at Starbucks until 8:20, we left. The streets were empty except for the occasional taxis. "So." He said watching his feet scuff the concrete. "Where are we sleeping tonight?" I shot him a look. He looked down at me as if to be shocked. "We?" I asked. "I don't do 'we'." He peered into the window of a wedding dress store. "Fine. I'll just go to the homeless shelter for help and never get out." He said sarcastically. "Fine. But your sleeping on the other side of the column. Okay?" He looked at me again with a crossed face. "Column? What column?" Before I could answer I pulled his arm and I began to jog down 9th street until I reached stairs to the subway. "Hey! Wait up!" He called from behind me. I laughed and broke out into a full run flying past bakeries, cafés, and gift shops. I put my hands out in front of me and gripped the cold, green hand rail of the steps and waited for Kurt to catch up. But when I turned around, he wasn't there. I guess I was so busy running, I didn't turn back to see if he was still there. I knew I shouldn't have trusted any strangers. "Wow. Your good. But you should know that I did track for nine years." Kurt said from behind me. He must've known I was confused how he beat me because he told me about an alley that crosses right to the steps. "N-nice one!" I said out of breath. "I thought you weren't coming back!" He hugged me. "Why would I run from the most beautiful criminal I've ever seen?" We both laughed. But deep down, I felt a pang growl in the pit of my stomach. That better not be love pains. I thought. I'm too tough for that.

We padded down the sticky, dusty steps all the way to the platforms. "How do you get in? They lock it at night." Kurt mumbled behind me. "Look," I said. "If your going to be a runaway, you have to learn to trespass." He winced at those words. A large wall of bars blocked us from crossing the tracks. I ran over to the concession stand where they usually sell pretzels, water, and warm nuts. But what I was looking for was the key. I reached on top of the small cover and felt around until I found a rigid key with a number 9 on it. I pulled it down and ran over to the large pad lock that was for the electric part of the tracks. "I don't know if we should do this." Kurt scoffed. I just ignored him and held the large pad lock in my palm. I jammed the key into the lock and it slowly opened. I could here Kurt's feet coming up behind me. I pushed him forward. "Go! Go!" He slowly walked through the shocks of the million dollar machinery as he watched every blue spark rise up the towers. I slowly closed the door. This part always made me nervous. Being locked in a big room that could shock you to your death at any single touch. I pushed the last door opened and jumped onto the tracks and Kurt followed. We started to run across when Kurt yelled at me. "Skylar! Skylar! My foot is stuck in the track!" I turned around and saw him struggling to pull his van out of the tightened metal. 'BEEP! BEEP!' I looked forward to see a gleaming ray of light coming from the track cleaner. It was as wide and powerful as the train and I watched Kurt look at it too. It grew closer and it was about 10 feet away. "Kurt!" I shouted my words sounding like nothing. "KURT!" He saw the fear in my eyes as I ran over to him. He picked me up and lay me on the platform. I hit my head but the pain should be the least of my worries. The train was a foot closer, but Kurt pushed the track with his hands releasing his shoe. He hugged the wall as the train flashed past. The wind blew his hair at he struggled to get on the platform. We sat there for a long time trying to catch our breath. He held me close as I buried my head in his chest, crying. His large arms wrapped around me. "Why didn't you let me help you?" I asked. "Why did you put me up here?" He looked at me. "Because I love you too much to be hit. And anyways, killing one would be better than two." He smiled pulling me closer. He kissed my forehead as we rocked back and forth. "I know what it feels like to cry for no reason. " he finished. I slowly nodded. "Sorry for getting your shirt wet. And thanks for risking your life for me." I apologized. He rolled his eyes. "Your tears are another memory, And I would kill myself for you." He finished. This time, I didn't care about the scar on his chest. I just let it go.

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