5. chapter 5

Justin's words don't seem to leave me alone everytime I close my eyes his face appears, his angry eyes and the way he said those hurtful heart breaking words am I so depressed that he hates me for no reason

"God.." I said rubbing my hands on my face my heart was aching this kind of pain I can't stand sighting I decided to go cheak on my mother

Walking to her room I opened the door and sat next her in bed "Mummy you don't know how miserable my life is I wish it could be different where we can live happily just you, me and Daddy...

Something odd is in here, my mum, her breathing is so slow

"Oh my god! Mum..Mum? Wake up Mum wake up"

But she wouldn't...

"Mummy WAKE UP" I cried

No this is can't be happening no no no

She is not breathing at all, I didn't know what to do I was shocked and scared beyond scared...

I runned downstairs calling the ambulance "please hurry I beg you. Please" the last part come more as a whisper

Everything was happening so fast doctors and nurses were coming and going in and out but no one seems to care about that girl in the corner crying her eyes

"Luna? Oh my god what happened dear god" Max come running with a women I assume it was his mother

I immediately huged him and cry all over again.

"Darling don't cry everything will be fine she will be ok just pray for her" she said trying to calm me but it wasn't working.

"Luna? Luna Jones" a bald man dressed in white "look I'm not going to lie at you but your mother's cancer is worst at this point not even chemical won't work this time we are giving here what we could and we only have to pray right now"

It took me a while to process what he was saying my mother is going to die she is going to leave me just like dad I will stay alone...
The past week was horible I haven't left this plastic chair next my mother's bed. She was laying there not moving the only sound in this room was the machines.
"Karma is a bitch" 
Reality didn't hit me the way I expected it to I mean I have been working my ass out since I was 13 years old. I'm not ready to lose the last person who reminds me of who I am.
"Luna come on you haven't ate anything eat something please" Max begged for the millionth time but no use
"As you want. If you need something call me ok?" He said walking away

On that day my life has completely changed...

Since no one is reading I'm not going to write untill I find at least 3 comments and 10 fav until then bye adios

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