4. chapter 4

It took me a long to realise that I was sobbing by now that was my breaking moment and I didn't care how miserably I looked or how pethatique I am

Despite my effort to stay calm and try to live my life I couldn't I just couldn't bear the huge pain in my chest its unbearable he knows nothing about me but yet he had the nerves to judge me that's funny.

But he had a point the wayy life turned upside down everything happens for a reason but what's the reason behind taking my father away from me? Or my mother having cancer Why?

Too many questions I needed the answers I'm losing my faith in live I just came to an end. I have nothing to do in my life anymore and it's killing me alive to know I can do nothing no matter how much I tried.

Wipping my tears I went to my house home sweet home...
"Bitch where have you been?" My stepfather said

"Somewhere." I said walking in the kitchen

"Why the attitude you?" He followed me

"Please leave me alone please"

"Oh why" he said stepping closer

"Look don't even think that will never happened you busterd"

Suddenly he grabbed my jaw so hard "listen slut don't try anything stupid you hear me I will get what I want" he spat sliding his hand down my arm till the end of my dress getting his hand under it
Dear god help me..

"L-Luna is that you honey?!"

"Answer her bitch" he tightened his grip on my arm

"Y-yes M-mom I'm coming" I said running to her room

Sitting in the bathroom hugging my knees sobbing I didn't want my mother to hear she has enough problems to take care of.

I can't believe how miserably my life become and the most sad part in it is I watched it all happened and I couldn't do anything I blame myself for this I don't know why I just do maybe because I didn't any other person to blame but now I'll blame my disgusting stepfather and i'll blame for sure Justin for reminding me of all this again when I finally choosed or had the thought of moving on with my life.

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