3. chapter 3

My life was practically stuck in routine since my father death I just feel like I don't have any right to have any sort of fun after my dad passed away that's why I had never been to any kind of entertainment things in or out my school never been in a party or any sort never had a boyfriend never beem kissed conclusion I haven't done anything that teenagers my age normally do

And I'm planning tk stay this way just taking care of my mum

"Earth to Luna you there?" Max chuckled


"Yeah yeah zooned out like always" sighing "me as being your best friend alow me to say i'm not doing a pretty good job at making you happy I should fier me" giggling for the first time in ages

"As I was saying we need to make you Mrs.Luna Jonas happy and a part of this plan includ to take you to a party to losen up a little bit and well get social for once my dear best friend you need a hair cut first start doing some make up and take care of yourself Luna and don't give me this face you are doing this that's final yoing lady"

"First of all parties no nevermake over maybe I'll think about it promise and don't "young Lady" me young man I'm older then with two weeks some respect ok?

If you ever wonder Max is straight he is just like to mess around and sound like a girl just to make me laugh

"Oh no you did not just brought the age difference oh boy...someone is going to.." sliding his hand to each side of my waist tickling me till I couldn't breath

"St-stop p-please.." I wiggled trying to get out of his grippe

"Say you are going on this party with me then!" He said smirking

"N-no n-never..."

"Fine as you wish darling" he said as he kept tickling me harder this time

"FINE!! Just stop I'll go with you to this stupid party"

His eyes glow in surprise shortly later he satrted jumping up and down "Yuppie oh yes FINALLY!!"

I don't know how I end up agreeing to go with him to get my hair and nails done

Wearing what Max told me to wear I immediately went to his car and sit in passenger sit

"Drive!" I mumbled

Driving to where this party at I was getting nervous

"You sure about this?!" I said chewing on my lips

"Don't worry you will have fun I'm here with you all the time" he said giving a reassuring smile

Walking through people inside the house Max held my hand so I don't get lost walking to kitchen he grabbed a red cup "it's a beer want some Luna?! "

"I'm fine" I said

"As you want"

Suddenly I spot a spike up blond dirty hair with a hat I knew exactly to who this belongs and I can't stand him

He seems to notcie my presence cause he is now walking to my direction

"Well hello there Luna I see you are here enjoying the party so far.." he said taking a look to what I was wearing "impressive for daddy's girl sexy I see" licking his lips

"Justin over here we are doing a game"  a guy yelled from the living room
Now I knew his name is Justin...
Probably you are thinking I'm too timide to stay in the same place as this dude Justin oh defently not walking to where Max at, he was talking to this girl blonde typical Max attracted to every creature with blond hair smilling I didn't want to ruin this for him just because I hate my life I'm not ruining his mouthing "I'll be out" to him he slightly nod giving me a smile

Walking out to the garden -I guess- taking a sit on this bunch and looking up the sky
Drifting in thoughts and memories of my childhood 
"Daddy!!" I cried runing to to my house
"Hello darling--Luna why you are crying sweetheart" my dad said all worried
"Christina she said we are poor and that she can get anything she wants cause...cause her dad has a good job...all my friends were laughing at me she..she invited everyone to her birthday party and not me" I said sniffling
"Darling come here" he said opening his arms for me
Doing as he told me he hugged me so tight caressing my hair
"You I love you right?  You are everything I care about I have a good job as well don't let her say things they are not true ok? And now who wants a milkshake mummy made it?"  He said making funny faces
Giggling I started running 
"Oh no not fair you are going to win" he said trying to catch up but he pretend to be falling on the couch 
"Not again you won" he faked a cry
Giggling again "it's ok daddy we can share it together " I said hugging him so tight "I love you daddy"
"I love you too Luna. .."
My relationship with my father was something unique any girl would dreamt of
Feeling a cold liquid all over my body someone just throw water on me
Shirking I got up "oh my god..."
"Well hello there just thought of a way to wake you up" Justin said smirking 
"What the hell is wrong with you what part of leave me alone you don't understand you prick?" I was by now extremely angry
"Ay don't talk to me like this or else.." he said threading me
" or else what tell the girlfriend of yours or bulid me well think again I don't care I'm sure plenty of girls are waiting for you get the hell already gosh" I said really pissed
Clenching his jaw and stepping closer to me to be honest he is starting to scare the hell out me his brown eyes are no longer brown they are darker very dark
"Listen bitch and listen carefully if you think yourself a big deal think again you nothing but a dinner girl and a poor ugly stupid slut wanting attention which you won't get just for some nice clothes and some cheap make up you think you changed fuck get the hell out of here" he stormed inside leaving speechless what the actual hell what did I do to him to say all this hatefull things to me.
I didn't recognize the tears rolling down my cheeks until I saw my skirt wet it's been along since I cried last time and tonight was my breaking moment.

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