2. chapter 2

If it wasn't my father I would gave up school long time ago but I promised him and I can't just break my promise
Walking to my class taking my usual sit 
"Well..well..well isn't thay dinner girl you know I'm still waiting for my sprit" I turned to see the guu from the other day in front me with his girl beside him like a lust puppy
'Leave me alone" I said
"And if I didn't? 
"I don't care" I spat at him
"Luna Luna Luna don't talk to me like this you don't know wjoe I am you don't know what I'm capable of I suggest to watch your mouth" he said now standing in front me only inches between us
"And I suggest to leave the hell alone" I said
"Feisty I see" he smirked
"Come on Baby let's go already I'm bored" his puppy-girlfriend- said
"Actually I'm joining class with my new pale Luna "
The teacher come and we started the class I don't why he is up with me ever sinncd we met in the restaurant he is playing with my nerves don't mention he is so cocky like very cocky I hate him 
Walking to my locker putting my books in and walking out of school 
"Hi Luna can I ask you something? " I didn't even waste to look to know who is 
"No!" I said
"I'm asking anyway who named you Luna your grandmother?!"
Sensitive topic... breathing in and out
"Not of your business" I said as I kept walking 
"Aww don't tell me you are daddy's girl and you will your daddy about me bothring you right? He said laughing
Bitting my bottom lip so I don't cry and kept walking ignoring him until I saw Max
"Hi Jonas" he said 
"Hi Max" I said relived to know that he left
"You are ok Luna?" Max asked all concerned 
"...I'm fine just stressed out" I said
"When is your mother's appointment I'd like to go with you" he said looking at me
"This Thursday" I mumbled "Thanks Max" I added
"That's what friends are for remember this Luna " he said winking at me
Without thinking I brought him in hug a really tight hug 
"Really thank you...for everything Max

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