1. chapter 1

"Luna babygirl if anything happened while I was working know that I love you with all my heart ok? I want you to promise me you won't do anything to yourself or give up school honey I believe in you you can make it I'm trusting you to take your life out of this promise me... I love you sweetheart I love you"
"Daddy I..I love you too..I promise you Daddy " I said huging him something in me knew I won't see my dad again I knew it I just did wipping the tears from my eyes as I watched my father leveing us and going 
After that day my dad didn't make it the criminal they were chasing had a boomb into that house and unfortunately my daddy couldn't made it. I lost that night my daddy forever...
A year later my mum got married again to this monster called my stepfather karma doesn't stop suprising me when we found out my mum has cancer suprised? Not really
My stepfather made work so I can buy my mother's medicament so here I am working and studing while he is getting wasted and drunk. 

Sighting I take the spong to go clean the table before customers come it was Sunday the bell ring announcing we have a client walking over to they table

"Hello welcome to Jo's how may I help you?" I said as polite as I can

"Double cheese burger minus catchup with extra mayonnaise and curled french fries... and a sprit same to the can go now" he said trying to focus on what the girl was saying

Walking to the counter giving the order to Max-my friend-

"Be ready in 10mn Luna" he said walking in the kitchen

I seemed to zooned out "earth to Jones you there Luna?" Max waved his in front my face

"Sorry I was thinking" I said picking the tray walking and giving the dude his order "excuse me where is my sprit?" The dude saying looking at me

"We run out of sprit can I get you something else?"

"I don't give a damn I want a sprit" he said harshly "what are you waiting go get me one"

"Don't talk to me like this " I said 

"Why you are a waitress that's your fucking job right? He said amusment in his eyes

"Look...what is your name? Oh Luna go get me a sprit or you won't get a tip" he said looking at my name band 

"Like she would be getting any" the girl next him spoke for the first time

He chuckled and without a word I started walking back to the kitchen he is the last thing I need right now

Finishing my job in peace wearing my jacket and walking back home reading to be in hell passing by the pharmacie to buy mum's medicament

Opening the door and walking to her room

"Hey Mummy how are you feeling today?" I saw sitting on the bed next her

"I am feeling better darling how was your day baby girl?" She weakly said

"Fine don't worry about me mum I'm a big girl now " I give her a kiss "I'm going to cook dinner I'll be right back watch some tv until I finish" I said walking down to cook the dinner.

Finishing dinner and the dishes I went to my room to do my homework hearing the front door slam shut my stepfather just announced he is home 

"Luna!! Luna where the fuck are you"

Laying in my bed pretending to be asleep

Feeling my room's door open

"Aww little Luna is sleeping" he said approaching me

"You are very..very beautiful Luna but better in bed" laughing he slamed the door and left.
Thank God!

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