The Journey To...

I have this posted on AND, but they're all mine, so I'm not plagiarising! Just thought I needed to be clear about it and get it out of the way...

So this is a book full of my own poems, all based on my life, thoughts and experiences. Hopefully with some poems I can inspire some of you guys! Enjoy xxx


3. The Price We Pay

This turn of the century,

The 21st Century,

Has brought along many pleasures,

But nobody expected the deceit.


Nobody expected that the perfect world,

Others have generated,

Would turn into a world where malice, betrayal

And sadness is an everyday, yet tragic, fact.


What did our ancestors, older generations,


A perfect world where technology is the prime factor,

Where technology mingles perfectly within everybody's lives?


Without technology, the world would be a much happier,

Safer and less dangerous place to live in.

There would be less cyber-bullying, 

And less advanced nuclear bombs.


All good things come with a bad.

And usually, the bad is much worse than the good.

Who would have thought?

I guess this is the price we pay.

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