The Journey To...

I have this posted on AND, but they're all mine, so I'm not plagiarising! Just thought I needed to be clear about it and get it out of the way...

So this is a book full of my own poems, all based on my life, thoughts and experiences. Hopefully with some poems I can inspire some of you guys! Enjoy xxx


1. Bullying, Tolerated?

I'm standing there, alone 

With my back facing the wall.

I'm hiding in the shadows,

Hoping they can't see me no more.


I've dreaded school, for this reason,

I've got nowhere to hide,

But no home to live in.

I need shelter, and school is not one.


They say they don't tolerate bullying,

But nobody sees this,

The effortless teasing, punching, 

Kicking and swearing.


The casual raping, behind the school shed,

I walk down the hallway, with a black eye,

Blood stains where they shouldn't be,

Yet no teachers take a second glance.


The principal walks by, 

Greeting everyone with her smile.

She looks at me, and gives me a wave.

I look at her, with disgust in my eyes.


I know she sees me, I know she saw them,

Yet she didn't bother to ask.

And I finally have come to know,

That she tolerates bullying.


The warnings are empty threats,

That will never be carried out.

Only says them, to please the public.

To save her face.


But what about me, a victim of bullying?

No, she doesn't care, I am nothing,

Nothing that will help the school grow stronger.

That is all she cares about. 

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