The last day of her life

This is a story about a girl thinking about what happened up until the moments of when she dies.


1. The last day of life

It's a warm, foggy summer night. A pale girl with blond hair, blue eyes and only wearing a short white dress, is walking on the wet grass, bleeding from her stomach. 

Even though she feels the pain of the cut, she doesn't shred a single tear. She's broken, already dead, and she knows it. While she walks towards her death, she thinks of the events leading up to this moment. How she went from a safe home with a caring big sister, crying every night from the nightmares of their dead parents, to giving birth to a child. 

She thinks of the pain from the growing boy inside of her, of the men wanting the unborn boy to be the new mafia boss to the doctor cutting up her stomach, because her boy couldn't get out, and the accidental cut in her child, resulting in his death. 

Not once have she shred a single tear trough these terrible events, even though she wanted to. She remember the last words of her dad saying she has to stay strong, no matter what happens. She remeber the smile of her dead son. She remember how it all started...

"Alice! I'm going out to buy the dinner for tonight!" She yells across the house. Her sister yells back an ok, and goes back to her bath. Stepping outside the door, the weather is cold, snowy and foggy. It's the middle of the winter and it's the greatest snowstorm this winter. She knows she has to be careful not to fall on the cold ice. While walking, she repeats the ingredients for herself: "potatoes, beef, bearnaise sauce and icecream". She smiles and walks a little faster towards the grocery store. When she get's there, the store clerk is trying to get the vegetables and fruits inside. "Do you need a hand?" she asks him loudly. He looks at the little 15-year old girl and says loudly: "If you're sure you can handle these heavy boxes and the storm, you're welcome to try!" and grabs another box. When it's done, they walk inside the store, both breathing heavily and smiling. When inside, the clerk goes to the back room and grabs two cups of hot chocolate. He walks out to the store again and hands one of the cups to the girl.

He then asks: "Which month are you in?"
"Fourth" she answers, "he's expected this summer".
He looks at her stomach and think to himself that she's a good girl, and even good girl makes mistakes.
"Are you going to keep him Sarah, or are you..."

"Sarah! Sarah!" Alice's voice is heard all over the great garden. But she doesn't stop walking. She just want's to ends this miserable life. She just want's to LET GO!!!

"Let go! Let go of me!" She's naked and tied to a chair in a basement. She's been unconsciuos for some time. She can still feel them thrusting her, even though it's over. She's been raped. And cut. They tortured her, trying to give make her give up her son, but she refused. Even though there is only one month until the birth of her child, and she has decided to give him to her grandparents, she refused. The light is turned on. The bright light from a single light bulb, feels like a thousand needles to her eyes. She hears footsteps coming down the staircase. A man with a knife enters the room.

"If you don't want to give me my son, I'm going to take him!!" he screams at her. He's standing right in front of her. He raises the knife, and starts cutting up her stomach. The blood starts spilling out. She is all open, and so is the skull of her now dead son. The man grabs him and pulls him out. "What have you done?!!" she screams at him. "You killed our son! Are you sick?! Are you really that sick with power that you kill unborn children?!" 
He punches her and she blacks out.

The last thing she remember is that she woke up wearing her nightgown on her frontsteps. She stands at the edge of the lake. She steps out in the water and everything turns black.

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