1. Prologue

"You could see him walking down a street, and your heart would sink. The blonde hair that shined in the sun, and the bright blue eyes that stared at the dirty concrete. He was Luke Hemmings."


My name is Amanda. I could possibly be your normal 17 year old teenage girl, the skirts, the dresses, the heels, the bows. But, that's not only my reality. My reality consists of a bad boy who won't leave me the hell alone, 3 cool guys who just have to be in a band with the bad boy who still won't leave me alone. My mom moved us to Australia from Las Vegas so she could try and find love in a different country. The idea is pathetic. It's been 2 months and... nothing. Nothing at all. It's quite silly, neither of us are quite amused with Australia, but our rent is up in 7 months, so we're stuck here. The only good thing about this place, is the scenery.

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