2. Chapter 1

I nearly screamed at the sound of my mothers irritating shouting coming from outside my door. I always kept my door locked at night, not because I didn't want my mom barging in, but because I've watched ID channel, I ain't trying to be the victim of a murder. I stood up from my bed, lazily making my way to the door, and opening it. There stood my mother, holding my backpack, a happy smile on her face. And there stood me, in shorts and a tank top, my hair a mess, and a pissed off look shooting my mother down. She didn't say anything, she just walked away, with my backpack. I just rolled my eyes, slamming my door and walking into my closet. My mom has become quite weird since she can't find a man. I'm starting to be afraid for any man who has to come face to face with that woman. I didn't quite get along with my mom, she was a bitchy woman.

I had got ready within a limit of 20 minutes. I was wearing a white skater skirt, along with a pink long sleeved crop top. My white flats had bows on the back, and my hair was in a long braid, a flower on the ponytail which was holding it together. I walked out of my room, and out to the living room, grabbing my bag from the couch where my mom had decided to leave it. I walked out the front door without a goodbye. I don't eat breakfast, never did. I find it pointless. It doesn't get me energized, it just gets me tired and full from all the food I ate, and makes me feel lazy. I then made my way to the bus stop, taking a seat next to my best friend Michael. His hair was bright pink, and his shirt had cut holes on the top. His legs were hidden with black skinny jeans, and black combat boots clung onto his feet, his laces untied. We are opposite, but we get along. I really like Michael, not because his eyebrow ring just stared at you saying 'hey, beautiful', and not because his attitude was adorable and funny. But he always seemed interested and excited for anything I said. He could be my mom. That'd be weird, but we could make it work.

"So, how did your mom wake you up this time?" Michael asked, a grin forming onto his lips.

I looked at him before standing up. The bus had arrived earlier than usual. I didn't answer, mainly because I was too tired to even function. Imagine how much worse I'd be if I had breakfast. Me and Michael sat in our usual spots, placing our bags in front of our seats.

"She screamed my name until I woke up and unlocked my petite white door." I finally replied, flashing him an innocent smile. "Then, when I did answer, she walked away with my bag." I added.

"Clingy bitch..." Michael mumbled under his breathe. Michael hated my mom. He hated how anytime he came over after school, she's purposely embarrass me, and make me feel like shit. I like that he cares, he's like my brother. He would protect me from anything that I didn't feel comfortable around. Speaking of the devil...

"Hey, dork." Luke said, his head popping up from behind our seat, a cigarette in between his lips. His lip ring was a black hoop, that sometimes I wish I could just rip out and make him feel the pain he constantly makes me feel. I didn't even look at Luke for more then 3 seconds, I couldn't. If I did, he'd think he won just by a stare, and he'd make people think I loved him or something.

"Hello." I said calmly, staring out the bus window, which was a rectangular shape.

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