Pick one the sequel

Jamie can't trust Michael anymore but does he change her mind or does Luke,find out this sequel to pick one.


6. you ruined a perfect thing...

Michael's pov- I can't believe I let the love of my life go,just threw away everything I had, I'm so fucking stupid why couldn't I just control myself.why I yell jamie must have heard me and I heard running towards our room. What's wrong micheal she says worried,honestly I don't know anymore I say quietly as I sit down and look at the floor. I'm sorry I hurt you like that,I'm sorry I did it again even though I betrayed your promise like it was no biggie...micheal she walks up to me and says I just need some time to think this through...and please just don't talk to me.how long was it going on...she says with tears in her face.3 months...........oh she says almost on the verge of breaking down

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