Pick one the sequel

Jamie can't trust Michael anymore but does he change her mind or does Luke,find out this sequel to pick one.


3. what's wrong with us

Luke's pov*i felt a sense of comfort when I kissed jamie,I just felt like I needs to get it out if my system...but maybe I can't...I then say to her,do you still love me...she hesitates a little and tells me to sit down.i then say I'm so sorry for doing and saying all of that ,I guess I just felt like I needed to do that but I'll just stop annoying you and I'll be on my way I say sadly.she stops me and says no your not in a soft soothing voice.I'm sorry but I feel like I just need to let you live your life with Michael and Brendan,I also wouldn't want you two divorce because of me trust me your better of with him jamie,but I know I'll always love you that same way I did when I first met you bye jamie

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