Pick one the sequel

Jamie can't trust Michael anymore but does he change her mind or does Luke,find out this sequel to pick one.


2. unexpected

Hi luke come in I say worried,is

Micheal here he says hesitantly.he's in his "mancave"umm I just need to talk to you he says in a serious voice,I then go put Brendan in his room and place him in his crib.i then close the door and tell luke to sit down.

I just need to say this now but I know you love micheal but listen every time I try to move on I can't it's like I still love you...luke I say surprised.he then gets closer to me and whispers you knew from the beginning that you loved me and I loved you and you fucking know I can treat you more better than he did.luke!thats enough I say upset,face it jamie you know what he did,that day you went to go surprise him you know damn fucking well he cheated on you and you forgave him and I can't believe I just let it slid like nothing ever happened.jamie I know you felt something when we did it,you don't know how devastated I was when I heard bredan wasn't mine,but still somehow I fucking love you even for everything you did u still do!luke I just I'm so sorry you felt this way I said tearing up.i then had a sudden urge to kiss luke and I did but so desperately as if I needed him after all this time but I was to love struck by micheal.thank you jamie he said tearing up kinda smiling

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