Pick one the sequel

Jamie can't trust Michael anymore but does he change her mind or does Luke,find out this sequel to pick one.


4. take back what I did

Bye Luke I say silently hugging him.i then go to check on micheal but as I got closer to his "man cave"I hear moans,oh hell no I said and almost drop kick the door,I see him with a slut and to top it off it was the same girl!why would you do this again I yell startling him.as he gets up and says babe it's not what it looks like I love you!thats what you said the last time!and you know what I'm sorry to say this but I want a divorce...what he says quietly.no please please jamie don't do this!do you remembered what I fucking told you when you did it the fist time,I said the next time you do it..I was gonna leave you...I then walk out and start to tear up,luke still happened to be there which was the person I wanted to see

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