Pick one the sequel

Jamie can't trust Michael anymore but does he change her mind or does Luke,find out this sequel to pick one.


1. it came out of nowhere

I wake up feeling weird like...never mind I tell myself.i then go to Brendan's room to check on him he's wide awake smiling back at me and I pick him up I then take him to the changing table and after I was done I hear a knock at the door,I knew it wasn't micheal because he went into his mancave.i then go to the door to see luke...he looked so...upset.but why was he upset I really wanted to know,I tell him to come in right away and I go put bredan back in his room.luke what's wrong I asked concerned as I put my hand on his shoulder.look jamie you know I've tried to be happy for you and tried to move on find different people but...I can't he says like he's gonna laugh.its like every time I try to I feel like I can't,so I'm just gonna say thus I did love you and still do but do you feel the same wat because if you do let's do what we has again,and start over...

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