The man

" no I'm not mad at you, I just don't like you choosing the man."


1. zero ; intro

zero ; this is the start of something new.

| the other man |

" Hey Liambean. Long time no see." Jasmine says teasingly, walking around the table to give me a tight hug.

I smile at her, returning the hug. Before I open up my mouth to tell my high school crush and best friend what I actually thought about her, she cut me off by saying,

"There's someone I'd like you meet." He eyes lighting up, then coming through the door is a tall, lanky guy. He notices me instantly, giving me a nod, before giving Jasmine a kiss. Then, as if remembering where she was she clears her throat before speaking again.

"Liam, meet Collin." I give a nod and put out my hand for him to shake. He shakes it back, with a tight grip.

I'm sensing Jasmine saw the confusion on my face, because she kept talking. "Collin is my boyfriend. And also guess what?!" She asks. She hold out her left hand where a nice diamond ring rested.

"We're getting married!"

And just like that my heart took a swan dive.

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So honestly I don't know if you remember me or not,

But I decided to make a new liam payne fanfic,

Because come on, it's 2015! So I'll be posting chapter one soon, so look out for that! And I'm trying to be active on hear, but if I'm not follow my wattpad,

( @wunderlands )

So please



Favorite ,


- agnes

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