A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


9. Part 9: Detention is Silent

The girls all turned bright red, hearts pounding after realizing that the Headmaster was behind them the whole time. While they were talking and laughing about how they got detentions and how they wanted detention the Headmaster was sure to ask them questions.

"Well, if I may say that those were some firsts. I've never had students try so hard to get detentions." The Headmaster continued, "Well since you are so eager to start detention lets begin," the girls all looked at each other realizing that it wouldn't be as easy as they thought to talk to the Headmaster, especially since the one rule in detention is no talking. The girls were all handed detention worksheets which had questions like,

1. What are you in detention for?

Flora answered, ‘I was trying to encourage people to 'hanging in there' with school work and everything, but I guess I got a little carried away,'

2. How did this affect and make life harder for everyone else, you're classmates and teachers?

Mariposa responded, ‘I forgot my sweater so it affected and makes everyone's lives harder because I didn't look like everyone else and I was a bad influence because I forgot my sweater,"

3. What can you do to fix and make sure that you don't get another detention?

Marigold responded, ‘I can make sure not to draw on the walls like a crazy person,'

After the girls had finished writing the answers to the questions for detention the Headmaster collected them,

"Ok good, I will be two doors down so if I hear anyone talking you will be in big trouble," the Headmaster stated exiting the room. The girls looked at each other wondering if they could possibly get away with talking to each other. After a long time of notes they decided they would just start talking to each other,

"Ok so how are we going to ask her," Flora was the first to talk.

"Well, we could use Magic," Mariposa suggested.

"Yeah, like that's going to work and we could get in serious trouble or even kicked out!" Marigold exclaimed.

"shhhhh!" someone in the corner in the room shushed the girls,

"Ok was that just me or..." Flora said cautiously. The girls turned around in their desks and noticed someone sitting in the desk in the corner, it was Matilda the quiet a little bit creepy no one seems to no anything about person in their grade,

"Matilda, what are you doing in here," Flora asked shocked.

"Yeah, and how long have you been in here for?!" Mariposa joined in.

"I got a detention, but also I know why the Fall Ball was cancelled if that's what you're after," Matilda responded.

"Yeah, so why haven't you so told anyone yet," Flora asked suspicious of Matilda.

"Well, maybe because no one has asked and also who would believe me?!" Matilda responded. Mariposa rolled her eyes,

"Ok well Matilda are you going to tell us why it was cancelled or what?" Marigold seemed to be annoyed at Mariposa being annoyed,

"Ok well maybe because she hasn't had the chance too yet!"

"Well, maybe-" Mariposa started.

"Shhhhh!" Matilda reminded them, and the fact that the Headmaster hadn't come in yet made the girls think that she was either asleep, or left.

"it's the Headmaster, something's wrong with her, you know i didn't go to the Fall Ball but i did hear something weird before it. it was the Headmaster she said, "we can't let her out the everyone is protected now." or something like that,"

"What's that supposed to mean," Mariposa asked?

"It seems each secret we uncover new questions come!" Marigold complained, "Wait we have only actually found an answer to part of a secret that's giving us more questions!" Flora and Mariposa looked at each other confused while understanding exactly what she meant.

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