A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


8. Part 8: Detention Please!

A new relationship between Marc and Flora had begun and Flora had almost completely forgotten about John. It was the weekend and Marc and Flora had become friends that Friday Mariposa, Marigold and Flora were in Marigolds house sitting in the lipstick and lip shaped couches reading gossip magazines like, "Flyweekly" and "Fairy Gossip," just like every other Saturday. 

"No! Margaret is meant to be with Patrick," Marigold argued her case about the girls' favorite tv show, “Our World, Magic."

"Ok, ok I see you just can't forgive Martin for accidentally killing his friend, but he has changed!" Flora argued back. 

"He laughed when he killed it! Margaret and Patrick are just so perfect together," Marigold sighed and sat back down on the lip shaped couch.

Magic, Magic, Magic, it's Magic

Floras phone rung and she received a text message,

Hey Flora, this is Mark. 

Flora was feeling butterflies in her stomach. 

Hey, Mark!

The girls both noticed Floras flirtatious looks on her face. They looked at each other,

"Hey Flora," Mariposa said with caution, "who are you texting, is it 'he should not be named?'"

"No, she did a different flirtatious look when it was 'you know who' it's probably Mark!" Marigold said excitedly. 

"Yes, it is Mark, and I actually think that I might like him better then John," Flora stated surprised with what she said. Flora looked at her friends and realized they had a happy, shocked look on their faces. While talking about so many boys in the girls lives they completely forgot about all of the weird things happening around the school, and they haven't gotten any further in solving them!

"Wait, wait guys shouldn't we be figuring out what's happening around school? I mean we shouldn't have to have a 2nd Fall Ball but we should only have one, I mean i'm not complaining but, I want to figure out why we do are you guys in?" Flora charged up the troops. They all looked at each other,

"I'm in," Mariposa and Marigold said at the same time. The girls made a chart connecting everything, people to people and places to places,

"So, we can get everyone's alibis for that night CAUTiOUSLY, cehem that means you Mariposa we don't want you 'subtle' questions to rouse suspicion we don't need any more at school," Marigold made the battle plan. "Ok first, Flora text mark and ask him what he was doing, you left your last conversation at 'hey' pretty lame if I may add." Marigold added. 

Are you excited for the 2nd Fall Ball? Flora texted. 

And an immediate response came back from Mark as though he was waiting by the phone for her,

Yes, I am especially since I couldn't make the last one I had a lacrosse game.

Flora let out a breath of relief,

"It wasn't Mark he didn't go to the Fall Ball."

"ok so next-" Marigold started before Flora interjected,

"Well, how about we focus on the Headmaster first, I mean she's the one who announced it and she's the only one who knows what happened."

That Monday the girls had their battle plan, all they needed to do was to play it out they needed to get into trouble, Marigold was writing stuff all over the girls bathroom and to make sure she got caught she waited in there for someone to catch her in the act. Flora was through though the hallways throwing flyers all over even just throwing the, at people. Mariposa chose the simplest route, she realized that it was a formal uniform day when they had to wear sweaters, so she didn't and of course like she planned got a detention. The girls all met up in room 13 the Detention/English room,

"What did you do," Mariposa asked Flora and Marigold? 

"Well, I wrote all over the bathroom until someone walked in and caught me," Marigold stated feeling proud of herself.

"Wow, ok well I just threw flyers everywhere, even at people," Flora was bragging even more proud of herself. Mariposa and Marigolds both looked at each other thinking that Flora was maybe too aggressive by actually throwing flyers at people.

"What were the flyers for?" Mariposa asked? 

"They were a cat holding onto a type-rope by its paws saying 'hanging in their!'" Flora responded. 

"Wow, you guys really, really wanted to make sure you got detentions," Mariposa almost laughed at them. Flora and Marigold looked at each other, 

"Well, Mariposa you're here so what did you do?" Flora asked. 

"I didn't wear a sweater," Mariposa responded simply.

"What?! Its formal uniform day?! Uhhhh I don't need another detention," Flora responded. 

"They said that like four times on the announcements Flora, but that's besides the point I can't believe that we could have just not worn our sweaters to get a detention!" Marigold said annoyed and leaned her head back, shocked she saw the Headmaster sitting behind her the whole time,

"So, why on earth would you girls want detentions," the Headmaster asked them.

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