A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


7. Part 7: What are Friends For?

Two Days Later…

Beep beep beep

Flora woke up with her chocolate box in one hand and ice cream tub melted on the floor half eaten with a spoon peeking out. Flora had been sulking, dramatically as usual after seeing Mylie and John all over each other. All she could think about was, "What happened" and "I thought he didn't like her!"

Ring ring

"Hello," Flora answered in her grumpy I just woke up voice. 

"Hey Flora! Ok girl please tell me you are not curled up with a box of chocolates, never mind me asking I can feel it. Ok put it in the trash because we are going shopping!" Mariposas ranted excitedly. Flora took another bite out of a chocolate, looked at it and realized it wasn't the caramel she expected and threw it back into the box.

"Bleck. Uh ok... You're going to have to come get me though," Flora grumbled. And turned over to the other side of the bed and opened her eyes to see Marigold and Mariposa had snuck into her bedroom. 

"Ah!" Flora stated shocked. 

"Oh sorry your mom let us in," Mariposa shut her phone and Flora laid back down and pulled the covers back over her bed. 

"No no no Flora, time to get up," Marigold stated pulling off Floras covers. 

"Now that Johns finished we me tutoring him and he's dating Mylie now... I have no one!" Flora dramatically threw her arMs. 

"Hey you have us!" Marigold stated and Mariposa nodded in agreement. Flora smiled and continued to get up and ready for a fun mall day. 

The girls headed to the mall and one of their favorite stores,

"Ok you know what Flora we are going to find you a different man and he is going to make John so jealous!" Mariposa suggested.

"Yeah, that would make me feel better," Flora agreed. 

"What about jack?" Marigold suggested. 

"I like him but he's just a little too... Nerdy," Flora responded. 

"Ooo ooo I got one! How about mark! He's cute and he's really popular," Mariposa suggested. 

"I actually really like him, but he's so popular that's the problem he won't look at me," Flora said with a bruised confidence. 

"Ha. You are so pretty we just need to get you a dress that is just as pretty!" Marigold suggest. Flora reached out her arms and hugged them,

"Thanks guys you two are the best friends I could ever ask for!"

The girls looked through the store combing it bottom to top for the perfect dress for what they call, "The Fall Ball part 2," they finally found the most perfect dress for Flora it was like pink with a pink tool fabric. The dress was strapless and had a white belt around it. The dress was perfect and the length went all the way down to the floor.  The next step for their makeover was to find Flora some make up, and new clothes. They showered the mall for a good 3 hours finding a whole new wardrobe that complimented Floras personality perfectly. By the time Mariposa and Marigold had finished grooming and shopping for a new wardrobe for Flora it was a complete transformation. The girls finally made it back to Floras house and her mom greeted them,

"Let me see her," Floras mom exclaimed excited to see the results of they're shopping day, "absolutely perfect, stunning! The boys will be lining up to ask you to the Fall Ball!" 

"Thanks mom, haha" Flora laughed blushing looking at Mariposa and Marigold  as they gave each other a satisfied confident look and high fived. 

 The next day at school the girls and especially Flora were excited to see everyone's reactions to her new look. As the girls walked up the stairs to the school and oped the big doors to the front hallway, and everyone was at their lockers getting ready for class. Sure enough boys were looking at Flora and even mark almost ran into Marcus one of the unpopular kids,

"Oh sorry dude, I didn't see you their," mark apologized. Marcus nodded,

"No big deal," sucking in his saliva. Mark is a new kid, very cute, plays football and has blonde hair and blue eyes, 

"Hey, Flora right? I'm mark," mark introduced himself seeming a little by nervous. 

"Hi mark," Flora stated. Mark shifted uneasily on his feet and  put his hands in his pockets,

"So, how long have you been going to school here? It's my first year," mark stated. Mark walked Flora to her class,

"Well , I have biology so," mark stated. 

"And I have Magic," Flora responded and they parted ways.


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