A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


6. Part 6: Unexpected

Flora, Mariposa, and Marigold made their way through the hallway hearing little whispers all they could make out was, "No way," and "can't even believe it," the girls were looking at each other confused and a little afraid of what could have possibly happened while they were spying on Alex and Nicholas and while they were in the bathroom. There was a group of people gathered around one part of the wall. The girls couldn't see what was happening so they pushed and slipped in between people to see what everyone was looking at,

"Omg, wait Flora isn't that your locker?!" Mariposa said astonished in a whisper. 

"Yes, what does it say?!" Flora responded confused and worried. There was what seemed to be lipstick smeared on Floras locker and it said i KNOW WHAT YOU DiD,

"What is that supposed to mean?" Hilda a nice shy girl who is in some of the girls classes asked. Everyone noticed Flora standing there and all stared at her but the only thing on Floras face was the look of fear. All that was going through her mind was what does this mean? What had I done? Does this have to do with the Fall Ball? Zeak another kid in her class came up to her,

"Hey Flora, don't worry we all know that you would never do anything mean. This person is obviously mistaken or trying to cause drama." Flora looked very appreciated but still a little scared at the same time. 

"Thanks Zeak that means a lot to me," Flora said relieved. Marigold and Mariposa stepped closer to her,

"Let's tell Headmaster then we can clean this off," Marigold suggested. The girls then made their way to the Headmasters office and all of the students cleared the hallway for the break before lunch time. They arrived to the Headmasters office and they noticed that the door was already opened,

"Hm, that's weird, she always closes and locks the door," Mariposa stated seeing that the Headmaster wasn't in her office. The girls stepped into the office and realized that the room had been totally torn apart,

"What are you young ladies doing?!" the Headmaster yelled surprised to see the girls in her office? 

"Sorry, we realized the door was open and we saw that your office had been ransacked," Flora stated. The Headmaster took a second then responded,

"oh yes, i was looking for a missing file and then i decided to do some spring cleaning,"

"Um... its fall," Mariposa reminded the teacher in a not thinking before speaking way.

"Wow ok, anyway we are sorry but my locker has a message written on it and i'm really not sure what it means or why they put it their," Flora worriedly told the Headmaster. 

"Ok, let's take a look," the Headmaster responded. The girls and the Headmaster walked back to the freshman lockers and went to Floras locker and realized that the message was missing,

"What is this girls, I'm very busy," the Headmaster said annoyed? 

"What with 'spring cleaning'" Mariposa sassily stated under breath and Marigold snickered.

"Would you like to share with the class Mariposa?" the Headmaster said even more annoyed than before. 

"Listen, I swear there was a message on my locker, it was in red lipstick and it said 'I KNOW WHAT YOU DiD' i'm not making this up!" Flora said trying to convince the Headmaster. 

"Ok girls, how about this if it happens again then get me but otherwise don't bother me. Go to lunch," the Headmaster said sternly. The girls turned about annoyed that the person had removed the message off of Floras locker before they could have shown it to the Headmaster. The girls walked down the few flights of stairs to the cafeteria to eat,

"Hey, let's just try to forget about it," Flora suggested. 

"Yeah, maybe it was nothing," Marigold agreed with Flora. All three girls looked at each other not really actually believing what they were saying. The girls worked their way through the lunch line with their trays in their hands. The girls walked over to their normal seats in the cafeteria when they all noticed something... Unexpected

It was Mylie snuggling up to John, Mariposa and Marigold could tell that Flora felt like she was going to cry so Marigold and Mariposa both put down their trays, and sat down with Flora and looked at each other making a battle plan.


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