A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


5. Part 5: A Secret Uncovered?

The mystery of why they had everyone leave the school during the fall ball was still unknown and had people stirring for answers. Many rumors were passing through the halls of the school like "it was an alien invasion," "someone was murdered and they found the body in the pool," "her outfit was so ugly that they had to stop the party," or "that mysterious girl johns looking for pulled an alarm and tricked John just to make a lot of gossip and drama for herself," even though these rumors were completely ridiculous and false, people had no other explanations for what happened.

The students and faculty all gathered into the auditorium to hear the explanation for the weird cancelation of the ball. The headmaster stood at the podium facing all of the students ready to give the announcement she lifted the microphone to her mouth, cleared her throat and started reading off of the notes she had in front of her,

"students and faculty due ro the events of last weeks cancellation of the ball, we have rescheduled it to this Friday... We aren't at liberty to say what exactly what happened as of yet, but it wasn't an alien invasion or a murder, yes Kevin osblosky I know it was you who started that rumor." the students all laughed while Kevin, who had blonde hair and deep blue eyes, who is one of the freshman turned bright red. "as I was saying please do not worry yourselves with what happened just remember that we Reschedules the dance for Friday and all is well... And last of all can I please see Alex and Nicholas in my office please... Dismissed." flora, marigold, and mariposa looked at each other,

"guys what was that about? Let's find out what she's talking to Alex and Nicholas about," marigold suggested whispering. The girls looked around to make sure no one was listening and headed out of the auditorium. They headed down the long hallway going to the headmasters office. Marigold reached out her hand onto the wall and said a spell in a whisper,

"heariado," there on the wall appeared a ear shaped thing used to hear through walls, and communicate through walls. The girls leaned up against the stone wall to listen in to the headmaster talking to Alex and Nicholas,

"this talk of 'the mystery girl' has to stop. If I hear a single more word about it I will give you all detentions,"

"but..." Alex started.

"but what?! But nothing not a single more word about it," the headmaster stopped for a moment and continued on, "and while you're at it stop signing up girls to see which one matches the dress." the headmaster sharply added. The girls heard the conversation end and they quickly got rid of the spell on the wall and flora saw the water fountain, seeing that there wasn't a second to lose made a invisibility cloak around them out of the water. The girls saw Alex and Nicholas exit the room,

"dude," alex said to Nicholas.

"yeah that was really scary," Nicholas replied.

The girls still holding the invisibility cloak around them slowly made it to the girls bathroom,

"well that was a complete waste of time," mariposa said letting out a deep breath.

"totally," flora chimed along.

"well maybe it wasn't did anyone else notice how weird headmistress was acting?" marioosa suggested.

"yeah, but I mean she's probably under a ton of stress and I mean with the fall ball and parents calling I. Like crazy wondering what happened," flora stated.

"no guys this wasn't like that it was really weird," marigold stated, "well should wouldnt even answer why the fall ball was cancelled for starters," marigold said thinking out loud, "well... Maybe... Why would she... It's definitely not..." marigold was pacing around the bathroom, while flora and mariposa were sitting on the windowsill amused,

"don't you love it when she does this she's completely oblivious to everything else going on around her," mariposa giggled with flora. Marigold stopped suddenly and said loudly,

"I've got it, I know what happened!"

"You do?!" Flora and Mariposa said in unison.

"No," marigold looked down.

"Wow, ok," Flora stated. "I guess we will never know. The girls exited the bathroom and returned to the Galway with all the lockers, they walked down the long hallway and noticed everyone was whispering. The girls knew they had missed something big. What could it have been? Did they know about Flora? Did someone find out what happened at the fall ball?

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