A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


3. Part 3: The After Math


 All the students of Levigarda were leaving the dance and the traffic leaving down the long narrow two cars side by side drive way was filled with cars. Flora, Mariposa, and Marigold were all in the limo enchanted by the evenings events,


"The way we danced... He was just so cute," Mraiposa stated entranced by the mysterious man.

"No, the boy I danced with he was so funny and so nice, I just hope he recognizes me when we get back to school and isn't disappointed..." Marigold stated with a concerned look on her face.

"Don't say that! Marigold you are the prettiest fairy and you can do anything, you are strong and brave and funny and really nice he would be crazy!" Mariposa stated meaning every word of it.

"Yeah! He would be completely insane!" Flora chimed in. Both girls looked over at Flora and thought to themselves What did SHE do the entire night?

"So... Flora what did you do?" Mariposa asked excited to hear the response.

"Well nothing... except..." Flora stated telling them everything in a very dramatic way. Mariposa and Marigold look stunned,

"And he still doesn't know your name?" Marigold rhetorically asked knowing the answer.

"Flora I am happy that you have had a conversation with John but HE DOESNT EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE!" Marigold saying surprised. The girls rode the limo to Floras house,

"I hope your parents know why we had to leave the party early," Marigold stated.

"Yeah, that was really weird," Mariposa added.

"Yeah, I agree I mean they can't just not tell us right?" Flora asked really wanting to know what happened. The girls climbed the stairs to the front door of Floras house and knocked on the door,

"Hey girls!" Floras mother exclaimed.

"Hi!" They all stated similtaniously. They walked into the house and sat down on the living room couch and took off their heels.

"Do you know why we had to leave the dance early?" Marigold asked for all of them.

"No I haven't heard anything but Im wondering that myself, its weird they just told you to leave the party..." Floras mother responded. "Ok girls, how about you go upstairs ill get some nail polish and popcorn seeds and you guys can watch a horror movie or "Mean Girls"."

"Thanks Mom," Flora stated. The girls watch one horror move, and of course "Mean Girls." The girls were all fast asleep on the couch past out, Marigold of course was the first one to wake up. Marigold ended up sleeping in the middle of Flora and Mariposa.

One New FlyMessage: Hey, Marigold I loved dancing with you last night and can't wait to see you at school tomorrow. This is Nicholas.

The thought went through her mind How did he even get my number? She quickly dismissed it then a new message appeared on her phone,

I got your phone number from Mariposa. Marigold was standing infront of Flora and Mariposa giggleing and blushing not noticing that they had gotten up and was watching her with amusement,

"Oh my God, haha," Mariposa laughed at Marigolds flirtatious laughing. Marigold stood and looked at her and looked very amused because both Mariposa and Flora had their hair all over and looked like they were still asleep. Flora and Mariposa even had some popcorn in their hair.

"Well, tomorrow is going to be an interessting day..." Marigold stated.

"Yeah, Flora you were like cinderella or something with John!" Mariposa excitedly stated.

"haha, good luck trying to get to him without Mylie and her posse getting in your way." Marigold reminded her that Mylie was still determined and would practically stop at nothing to get to John.

"Yeah, well John is annoyed with her right now he realized that Mylie is a mean and cruel person," Flora stated trying to convince herself that John didn't like Mylie.

"You are totally right Flora, except for the fact that Mylie knows how to wear a mask," Mariposa also reminded her.

"Uh, Mylie always has to make things difficult doesn't she!" Marigold stated even more annoyed than Flora seemed to be. Both Flora and Mariposa looked at each other and then Marigold and they all started laughing.

Beep, Beep, Beep

Floras alarm went off and she jumped out of bed, she tossed her clothes all around her room and then her mom opened the door,

"Oh my God Flora, what are you doing?" Floras mom looked amused.

"Im looking for clothes, I can't find anything to wear!" Flora stated very frustrated.

"Well, I just ironed a bunch of clothes downstairs and you have that new skirt," Floras mom suggested but Flora was already on her way out the door,

"Thanks Mom! You're the best!" Flora stated very excitedly. Flora, Mariposa, and Marigold headed to school together just like any other school day when they noticed something very strange,

"Um... What is this?" Marigold asked. It was a flyer that had in big bold letters,

If anyone knows that mysterious girl who fled the dance without giving prince charming her name,

Please Contact: John, Alex, or Nicholas.

"Oh My God." Mariposa, Flora, and Marigold stated simultaneously. They heard a little click clack of someones heels and a streaking noice,

"YAY! he finally realized that it was me who he had a crush on!" Mylie stated sounding very excited and very annoying. The three girls, Flora, Mariposa, and Marigold looked harder at the flyer questioning Mylie because they knew it wasn't her, but they stated nothing not wanting to get on Mylies bad side today. They saw on the flyer in smaller font there was a note and it stated

* Chestnut Brown hair, hazel green eyes, and a beautiful blue dress

"Wow, thats sweet..." Marigold stated. There was another shrieking noice,

"THAT IS NOT MY EYES OR MY HAIR COLOR!" Mylie stated very very irratated.

"Well, isn't he color blind?" Natalie asked to reassure Mylie not knowing if he actually was or not. Mylie and her posse nodded, and Mylie put the flyer into her purse and they headed up the stairs to the school,

"Wait. Wait. Wait." Marigold was thinking out loud.

"We shouldn't tell him about Flora. Well, I mean Flora shouldn't."

"Why not?" Mariposa stated confused.

"If we tell him then Mylie will go full out war on Flora on all of us," Marigold explained. They all nodded.

"Yeah, lets just let him figure it out on his own," Flora stated. The girls walked up to the front doors and opened the doors and right there was a big mess,

"AHHHHH," Mylie stated really annoyed. John was walking to his next period and didn't see Mylies tantrum.

"I guess he isn't colorblind," Marigold side whispered to Flora and Mariposa and they both laughed. Mylie stopped having her tantrum,

"You know what 'Mystery Girl' I will find out who you are and I will get you!" Mylie stated seeking vengence. "No, actually I will get John and you will be a distant memory in his mind." Mylie stated more angry than ever. Mylie let out a big sigh and went back to normal and put her "Mask" back on. Everyone in the hallway completely dismissed it.

​"Well, that was weird," Marigold stated.

"Yeah." Flora replied. They headed off to class. Their first class was Mr. Steedles class. The girls all took their seats which was very awkward because Flora was sitting right next to John. Mariposa sat down like it was nothing forgetting that John was looking for Flora and Flora is sitting next to him for about 3 hours. Its 3 hours long because magic is needed in everyday life. John sat in-between Mariposa nada Flora not even looking at Flora. Nicholas pulled Marigolds seat out for her and called her princess. Mariposa stared at Alex and then she got a note from Alex which had their own private little note on it. John was looking around the room trying to find the 'Mystery Girl' and didn't even glance at Flora. Flora started to think that even if he did know who she was he wouldn't be interested in her. John then looked at her,

"Hey," John whispered to Flora.

"Hey," Flora responded.

​"You have chestnut hair and hazel green eyes," John stated actually sounding really creepy if you didn't know what he was actually talking about and Mr. Steedle didn't,

"Hey John, instead of playing flirt with the girl next to you, creepily at that, how about you show me some magic. How about you give Flora a flower." Mr. Steedle stated completely catching John off guard.

"Well, um, ok." John stated and waved his hand out to Flora and gave her a flower that complimented her personality so well. Flora took the flower and looked at John,

​"haha, thank you." John smiled and Mr. Steedle responded in a very weird way which confused both of them,

​"Principles office both of you, and detention." Mr. Steedle commented. He turned around and smiled, he knew exactly what had happened that night seeing that he had teacher chaperone duty and had to watch each of the video cameras to make sure none of the students were not sneaking in without a letter. John and Flora both packed up their books and headed out the door,

"Hey, sorry I got you in trouble." John stated feeling sorry.

​"Its fine, don't worry about it. Mr. Steedle definitely over reacted." Flora replied. The two headed into the principles office,

"John, seriously its something with you and that class," The principle stated. Flora had no idea what she was talking about. "Flora I don't know how you got sent here or why, but its good timing because John needs a tutor. He's great with tests and is an excellent student but he doesn't know how to actually perform magic." Flora looked at John,

"Sure. When do you need me to tutor you?" Flora asked John. The principle put her glasses on and started typing on her computer like they had left the room.

"Can you tutor me during 2nd lunch period?" John asked.

"Sure." Flora replied.

​"Thanks a lot for helping me." John stated.

"No problem," Flora stated. They left the room together and then headed back to Mr. Steedles class.


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