A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


28. Part 28: A Heart that Beats just as Hard

    The whole classroom was caught up on the 5 hours of sleep limit they needed to at least keep their eyes open, but Marigold had just tried to stick up for someone at the worst possible moment when the teacher had woken up. Mr. Steedle was standing behind Marigold and had seen the entire thing,

“Mark go to the principles office,”

“But—“ Mark started to argue back.

“NOW!” Mr. Steedle replied angrily. “Now for the rest of you, I don't want you to argue in my classroom if you need to argue do it outside of school, I know that sounds awful, but its better then doing it in here.” The bell rang just as Mr. Steedle had finished yelling at the class, but the class had slept the whole school day so it was dismissal so all of the students ran to their lockers. Flora, Mariposa, and Marigold of course were walking together through the hallway talking about their favorite tv show, ‘Our World, Magic’ of course when a dark looming presence approached them, and the only person to fit that description would be the one and only Mylie and her posse,

“Well, well look what the cat dragged in are you too tired to brush your hair? Oh wait I forgot that was a natural look for you, but don't you know? Naturals out.” Mylie tried to make a good diss.

“Ooooo,” Mylie's posse said behind her. Flora rolled her eyes at Mylie's attempt and walked away with her friends.

“How can someone sleep through a whole school day?” Mariposa laughed worried for the schools sanity.

“Well, to be honest we didn't sleep all the way through school we made it partly through, we made it through homeroom and like one-third of Mr. Steedle's class,” Marigold tried to make the situation sound better.

“Guys, this happens during finals, at least of what I've heard from the seniors, so I don't think we have to worry,” Flora suggested yawning sleepily.

“How are we still so tired!” Mariposa stated frustrated.

“Well,… We didn't have the best sleep sleeping on the desks,” Marigold laughed. The girls continuing yawning made it to Floras locker. Flora opened her locker letting out a huge yawn and screamed. A group of people rushed over to Floras assistance seeing if she was all right, and shoving his way through the crowd John appeared,

“Hey, Hey Flora are you all right?” looking inside of Floras locker John saw what appeared to be blood all over Floras books, and a word spelled out on a wall of the locker, “Meribella?” “Okay everyone its fine just someone playing a stupid prank, like common guys we have exams don't waste your time making stupid pranks.” John knew it wasn't just some stupid prank, but he wanted to get everyone to leave him alone with Flora. “Why would someone do this? And why is your last name spelled out in fake blood, hopefully, with a question mark what are they asking you? Haha like they're saying that thats not your real last name.” Flora shifted uneasily and john noticed even more confused then ever before, “Wait, are you saying that, wow okay,” John answered his own question.

“John, you cant tell anyone okay its for my safety I can't tell you why, but when I know I'm safe I can,” Flora begged John to understand, “I didn't even know until—“ Flora started before John grabbed Floras hand,

“Flora, its fine I understand. You are already telling me a lot,” John reassured Flora, “I’d actually rather stay somewhat in the dark, but not all the way I’d rather know whats happening to you,” John comforted Flora and pulled her in for a hug. Flora couldn't help but remember back to the beginning of the year when she could only imagine just talking to John, but now she had danced with him, talked to him, laughed with him, and hugged him! Floras heart was pounding and all the worries went away, but one that he could feel how hard her heart was pounding. What Flora didn't know was that Johns heart was pounding just as hard.

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