A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


27. Part 27: A Rude Awakening

    Flora was on her bed petal on her lap watching (In secret) her and her best friends favorite show, ‘Our World, Magic,’ that they had agreed only a day earlier not to watch, but she couldn't resist any longer. Flora was in the middle of the most in tense part of the show, the moment she had been waiting for for two years! The moment when Victoria and Mathew would finally be together! After so many killings Mathew had committed just to be with Victoria, to protect her, they would finally FINALY be together! Flora was eager to finally witness this great moment, until Victoria and Mathews hands were so close to touching, but Marigold burst into Floras room and yelled,

“HA! IVE CAUGHT YOU!” Flora immediately slammed her petal shut,

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” Flora tried to sound convincing, but failed horribly.

“Then what is that?!” Marigold replied.

“What? I don't know what you're talking about,” Flora stated.

“You have earphones in your petal! You liar!” Marigold stated. Flora ripped them out of her petal, “No I do not!” Flora tried but failed to convince Marigold, but didn't succeed. Then immediately took out her earphones the girls favorite Tele-Novella blared out of her petal, and Flora hung her head and immediately turned off her sound.

“Oh, really,” Marigold shunned Flora in disappointment. As Flora was being shunned by Marigold Mariposa ran into the room,

“Flora! DID YOU SEE IT! VIC—“ Mariposa started yelling until she immediately slowed down and took a step back seeing that Marigold was in the room,

“What Mariposa? What did you see?” Marigold said rhetorically knowing the answer already.

“I— Um, well I started seeing a new show its called ‘How to be an idiot and try to convince your friend that—“ Mariposa started.

“I think I know the rest of it,” Marigold stopped Mariposa. “You guys couldn't even go one day! This seriously shows us how much we have a problem!” Mariposa stated annoyed.

“Well, we did go one day,” Mariposa tried to make it sound better.

“Yes, ONE DAY!” Marigold stated.

“Ok, Marigold I think you are taking this a step too far,” Flora suggested.

“No, you know what Flora NO I am not! SO much has happened this year and it is too much!” Marigold was freaking out.

“Marigold its ok its not because of the tv show I think its because well you know its kinda fate I mean we cant really change the way things happen,” Mariposa tried to calm Marigold down.

“I agree Marigold, we cant change the way things are all the things that have happened this year happened to us not because us or the tv show,” Flora joined in.

“You guys are totally right, I mean I think I just got a little freaked out with all that has happened this year.” Marigold realized, “And I also watched a few episodes without you guys,” Marigold admitted. The girls laughed and began to talk about the show.

-The next day-

Finals were coming around the corner faster then anyone expected. People were frustrated and scattered all around school trying to fit activities and school along with studying for finals into their schedules. People were coming in accidentally wearing their pajamas and getting detentions which lead to less time studying. School was becoming a nightmare and each and every person looked like a mess, except for Mylie of course who took advantage to everyone looking horrible and came to school with perfect hair and perfectly organized. The first class of the day was MR. Steedle's of course which everyone was extra stressed about because it was their hardest class and his exam wasn't a pencil and paper test is was a magic test so if you have stage fright or performance anxiety then you will most likely fail. All of the freshman students, with the exception of the few sophomores and one junior with the performance anxiety problem who were forced to re take the class all were half asleep at their seats. Mr. Steedle walked into the classroom with the classes ginormous textbook in his hands, and held it up and dropped it straight onto the desk making a huge noise waking up the entire class from their sleep they had failed to get that night.

“Ok, seeing that you guys literally didn't get any sleep last night, I doubt you'll have any memory of anything you'll learn today, so how about we take a 10 minuet nap then organize your binders,” Mr. Steedle suggested. The class was so excited they tried to cheer as much as they could, but honestly failed miserably and in the midst of all the excitement someone in the back row passed out on the ground and everyone looked back at them and then continued cheering. “Okay everyone you may settle down now, and just leave Ms. Gustle on the floor we’ll wake her up when its time to organize our binders.” The class slept for exactly 10 minuets before Mr. Steedle tried to wake them up, but no one could wake them up after getting several teachers to try to do so. Half the day went by and finally one person woke up and then another and finally everyone was awake except for all of the teachers. John turned to Flora and laughed,

“Whats so funny?” Flora asked.

“You actually do have something in your hair this time,” John answered laughing and pulled out a pencil. John and Flora then laughed together, but were interrupted by Mark,

“You guys are disgusting, I mean Flora you could do so much better then HIM.” Alex and Nicholas jumped out of their seats ready to back John up,

“You want to say that again?” Nicholas threatened.

“Why don't you go back from where ever you came from no body wants you here,” Alex joined in.

“Why don’t you just stick to your books, Im sure you fit in their better then you fit in the real world,” Mark replied.

“Thats it!” Marigold stated standing up. Marigold reached out her hand and she held a ball of sunlight in her hand, but Mr. Steedle had woken up and was standing right behind her.

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