A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


26. Part 26: Life's like a Tele-Novella, Well at Least Theirs is

Flora couldn't help but wonder what what would happen if she used her magic on the flower she hadn't had much practice controlling her magic. Would her nature powers be reveal to her class and they would know her secret? Or would everything be okay and she would be able to control her water powers? Even without this problem she also had Mark back with a secret agenda or an erased mind.

    “Okay, everyone you may begin,” Mr. Steedle instructed the class. Flora looked at the options of which to start with would she rather risk possibly revealing her secret first to get it over with or would she do it last hoping the alarms would go off or they would get out of class before she got to the flower. John decided for her and picked up the glass of water Flora reluctantly reached out her hand, and from the glass of water a stream came up and the water grew a foot high up and Flora sighed a sigh of relief. John went next and picked up his hand and the glass of water morphed into a rose,

“For you,” John flirted with Flora. Mr. Steedle watched John pick up the rose and hand it to Flora.

“Okay, John now can you stop flirting with Flora and get back to work or am I going to have to assign you to new partners?”

“I say that you should assign Flora to a new partner you don't want John bringing her down,” Mark butted in from the back of the room.

“You know what Mark—“ John started before Flora put his hand on his arm,

“It's not worth it John,” Flora reminded him.

“Well, I don't know what tele-novella sort of drama is going on, but I wont have it in this classroom and if I see you guys going at it again you will both get detentions and community service TOGETHER and I don't think that either of you want that,” Mr. Steedle threatened Marc and John.

“Yes, sir,” John replied. Mark was glaring at John from the back of the class and everyone could feel it, Mariposa, Marigold, and Flora looked over at each other wondering if they really were like a Tele novella specifically their favorite one, Our World, Magic. After the class was dismissed at the bell Flora, Mariposa, and Marigold all walked to the bathroom where they usually hang out,

“Guys, first of all I think we might need a new meeting spot,” Flora laughed.

“Why?” Mariposa asked not getting it.

“Do you seriously need to ask,” Marigold laughed at Mariposa. Someone came out of the bathroom stall,

“Oh, sorry are you guys in line?” The girl asked.

“Oh no sorry we’re just talking,” Flora replied.

“Um okay…” the girl obviously thinking they were weird washed her hands and left the bathroom.

“Ohhhh yeah I got it,” Mariposa caught on and laughed at herself.

“Okay now seriously guys I think we are watching a little too much of ‘Our World, Magic’” Marigold started to say and Mariposa and Flora looked at her and then each other offended, “Guys, I mean common all of this stuff that if happening to us we are the definition of Telle Novella.” Marigold stated.

“That is true, but common is there really such this as watching too much ‘Our World, Magic’?” Flora asked.

“I agree, but we should miss a few episodes and see if we can dial it down a little bit on the drama in our lives,” Marigold laughed.

“Fine,” Mariposa agreed.

“I guess so,” Flora also agreed reluctantly.

“Okay anyway what are you going to do next class? I mean when we do the other objects, when we get to the flower its gonna be kinda hard to use water on it instead of nature,” Mariposa asked.

“I agree, Im so glad that we didn't get to it today I mean that would've been a disaster,” Flora agreed. The girls all heard the bell ring, and they left the bathroom,

“Okay, I think that we might want a different spot to meet up the bathroom is kinda weird,” Mariposa suggested. Flora and Marigold laughed in agreement and they left to their next classes.

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