A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


24. Part 24: We are All Watching Out

Margaret was still there in the kitchen watching John like a hawk from a distance pretending to read a magazine. Flora was afraid of what could possibly have happened and why Marc would be at her house and was he actually kidnapped? Where were he parents and why wouldn't they say anything about him being missing? Could this have something to do with Floras family being royalty? Flora was tossing and turning around in her bed and had the thoughts piling up and running through her head. Flora then heard her door open and turned over to see who it was, it was Margaret,

“Hey, are you ok?” Margaret said worriedly.

“I just can't sleep! This is terrible there is so much happening at school and with everything and Marc tried to hurt me possibly kill me!” Flora explained all of the events of the year and Margaret just took a deep breath,

“Ok, well how are we going to solve this Marc situation first of all and then I can help solve the rest of your problems.” Margaret suggested. “But right now all you need to worry about is how many sheep can jump over a cloud.” Margaret left Floras bedroom and Flora counted 10 sheep before she fell fast asleep.


“WAKE UP WAKE UP !” Margaret was jumping on Floras bed trying to wake her up for school.

“Im awake, Im awake!” Flora said pulling her pillow over her head trying to drown out Margaret and get some more sleep. Margaret then pulled her out of her bed,

“If you don't wake up right now then Im going to come to your school and I will embarrass you so badly—“

“Im awake!” Flora jumped out of her bed and ran over to her closet.

“Good, now your mom is making breakfast so come down stairs when you're finished.” Margaret said. Flora could smell the waffles from her bedroom and she rushed to get ready and down stairs to breakfast.

The morning bell rang at school and Mariposa and Marigold were getting the load down on the events that happened. The girls were sitting at their usual lunch table for homeroom and saw Marc walking towards them it was as if he was walking in slow motion, but in reality he was walking in normal pace. Mariposa whispered to the others,

“Why is he here?!”

“Why did he show up to my house?!” Flora responded. Marc stopped right in front of Flora. She could see the bruise from when John had punched him,

“Hey Flora, I don't really know what happened between you and I but I want to start over because I honestly don't remember anything and—“ Marc was interrupted by Alex and Nicholas before he could say anything more. They stepped in front of him and he got the message loud and clear that he should back away before they decided to punch him too. Alex hit Nicholas on the stomach to signal some type of guy code, and Mariposa and Marigold nodded at them. Alex sat down next to Flora,

“Ok, Flora why is he here? He has been gone for weeks and he obviously did something at the Fall Ball part 2, but you tell us so we can help you,” Alex was insisting.

“ALex,” Marigold said in a tense voice.

“Marigold we cant help if we don't know whats going on!” Alex retorted. Alex and Marigold were arguing and Mariposa, Nicholas, and Flora were sitting there looking at each other,

“Its ok Marigold I want to tell them,” Flora insisted. Flora told them exactly what happened while leaving out the parts where she had a different power. She told them that she couldn't breathe because of the loss of hydration in the plants.

“Where is he I will kill him,” Alex stood up slamming the table with his hands.

“We cant do anything right now Alex, and we don't even know if he really was kidnapped or if he was lying!” Nicholas reminded Alex.

“Thanks guys for wanting to take care of me, but Nicholas is right we don't know,” Flora replied in agreement with Nicholas. Flora looked over the cafeteria and one thing caught her eye.

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