A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


23. Part 23: Missing Memory? Or Secret Agenda?

It was Marc, but he didn't look like the same Marc. Flora was terrified because this is the last person in Levigarda she would ever think to see unless he was trying to kill her again. Flora just stood there with her mouth wide open having no idea how to react.

“Hi you must be Flora Im Marc, um well I was kidnapped before starting school at Levigarda High and I had your phone number in my phone and you were the only one I was texting while I was gone and I have no idea what happened between now and the beginning of the year.” Marc continued while Flora was standing there in shock. Flora snapped out of her shock and began to think why is Marc acting like he has no idea what happened? He lost his memory? This is not the same Marc that I know that can turn evil at any given moment. Out of no where like a bolt of lightning coming out of no where John punch Marc across the face. Marc was on the ground holding his cheek and John was holding his hand trying to act manly and not show any pain.

“Ouch.” John stated. “Flora are you okay?! Why is Marc here?” Flora had no answers for him so she just shook her head. Then snapping out of all of the craziness that was going on she ran up to John and hugged him. “Ouch,” John said again. Flora let go of him and backed up and reacehd into her pocket for her petal texting Mariposa and Marigold.

“So John what are you doing here,” Flora asked John walking him into her house to get an ice pack.

“Well, I couldn't read some of the numbers in the phone number you gave me so I wanted to come here and get them again,” John explained. While John was explaining this to Flora her aunt was coming into the kitchen. Flora was going through the freezer for an ice pack and Margaret was getting a yogurt out of the refrigerator.

“Hey Flora the ice packs are in the basement freezer,” Margaret suggested not actually knowing if they were actually in the basement freezer or if there was a basement freezer.

“Ok, Ill be right back,” Flora responded. Margaret had her eye on John as Flora left the room.

“So what were you planning on doing with the boy at the front door?” Margaret asked.

“Oh crap. Well I don't think he’ll want to come back,” John had forgotten about Marc and then decided that he wouldn't try to come back at least while he was there.

“John, let me tell you something. Flora is my niece and I have a duty you know to make sure she's safe and although you punch that guy, which shows that you either have a crush on her or you really like punching stuff. Ill bet its the first one. Let me tell you that I will be watching and I have gotten around and had my fair share of jerks and fakers.” Margaret heard the pitter patter of Flora coming back and saw that John had been scared enough, at least for now.

“Ok here is a ice pack and Ill give you my number again, but let me just tell you this I was voted one of the best handwrites of the 8th grade class last year,” Flora reminded John while writing down her number very clearly. John knew that Flora had been voted best handwriting because he voted for her more then once.

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