A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


2. Part 2: The Fall Ball



"Class dismissed," Ms. Linden the perky magic history teacher announced. 


The noises of the scrambling of book and closing of lockers filled the hallways. It was the end of the day, 2:30. Flora headed home with her friends Mariposa and Marigold.


"Hey how about we go to Magicfly after school tomorrow?" Marigold suggested. 


"That sounds awesome I'm in. I need a dress for the fall ball anyway. “ Mariposa replied. The fall ball is the dance where everyone gets dressed up in beautiful dresses and it always has a theme. 


"What's the theme?" Flora inquired. 


"I think it's dress as your talent." Mariposa replied. 


"Ooo." Flora said very excited. "Then we must go shopping right after school!" Flora said. They were all happily giggling until they felt a dark cloud coming closer to them nope their mistake it was Mylie and her posse. 


"Uh, look it's the 'cool girls' talking about the fall ball," Mylie sarcastically stated and the posse giggled along to her joke.


"Oh I'm sorry, you thought you were in the conversation," Marigold said in her 'don't mess with me voice. ' Mylie looked very offended and walked off with her posse chasing after her reassuring her how cool she is. 

"Haha, wow." Flora laughed. They continued to the mall talking about boys, and what they were looking for their dresses. 

"Wow. " Flora said astonished and had her hands pressed up against the on the front window of the store. 

"What, what is it?" Marigold exclaimed. 

"Look! Its perfect!" Flora said excitedly at the perfect dress in front of her it was blue with a sparkly heart shaped top. It was the perfect dress for the ball. Mylie and her posse approached the store window. 

"Aw you like that dress? Too bad, I just bought it. " Kylie said with her usual snarky tone pointing to the dress. Flora put her head down looking at her feet. 

"Too bad? It's really too bad that it's not your color." Flora replied. Mylie took at step back and her posse held her shoulders. Mariposa and Marigold stepped forward as a sign of don't mess with our friend.

"Well good luck finding a dress for yourselves and your lame talents. Haha." Mylie laughed at her sarcasm. The three of them, Mylie and her posse left with a flip of their hair. 

"Whatever. " Mariposa said annoyed. 

"Yeah who cares she basically just did you a favor. " Marigold announced.

"What? How did she do us a favor?!" Flora said confused. 

"Well,... We could find an even more beautiful dress." Marigold proposed. 

"Ok I guess we could. It has to match my talent though. " Flora agreed but was concerned that there wouldn't be a dress that matched her talent for the fall ball. The three girls passed through many many stores and they couldn't find any dresses. 


"Look, look!" Marigold spotted the fabrics in the window. "Well, they aren’t dresses but the are fabric!" The girls walked into the store and they each found a fabric that was perfect for each of their talents. Floras fabric was a beautiful blue color. Marigolds had a magnificent yellow inbred to orange color and Mariposa a fabric was a blue and purple colored fabric. The girls brought the dresses back to Marigolds house and made the dresses. The dresses were the most beautiful gowns. Each girls dress resembled them perfectly. Floras dress was embellished with sparkles and dewdrops falling around the dress, it was made into a magnificent waterfall. Marigolds dress was jsut as beautiful, the top of her dress was sparkly, and yellow with a sweetheart neckline. The dresses bottom ombre from the yellow color to orange. Mariposas dress was equally as amzing as the other two, Marigolds dress had a blue and purple mix of colors and a bunchof butterflies pined into a messy bun in her hair. Floras hair was in a waterfall braid and she had a necklace of beaded water crystals. Marigolds hair was curled and left down her strawberry blonde hair falling down her back. Floras shoes ere high heeled nude colored, Marigold shoes were a red orange color, and Mariposas shoes were purple high heeled shoes with butterflies on the back. The girls took showers, blow dried their hair, put their makeup on and put their outfits on.

“My dad got us one of those limos for the ball!” Mariposa exclaimed.

“Really?! Everybody drives in those but you have to get one way in advance.” Mariposa responded.

“Yay!” Flora said excitedly.

“I know its going to be so much fun, but I heard this year they want to make it more fun by having it be a masked ball.” Mariposa said rolling her eyes.

“Awesome! Flora can talk to John without him knowing who she is and then she takes off her mask and he's like wow Flora?” all three of them laughed at Marigolds idea, “and Nicholas can be surprised by Marigold, and Alex by Mariposa.” the limo arrived to the house and the girls got into the car. with their parents waving them good-bye and wishing them a good time. the girls climbed the stairs of the ballroom entrance. the person at the front door greeted them,

“name and invitation please,”

“My name is Marigold, this is Mariposa, and Flora and here are our invitations.” Marigold handed him their invitations, and the person traded it with each of their masks. Flora received a mask that had swirls of deep blue on it with a light blue around it and Mariposas mask was  covered with yellow, orange, and red she quickly realized it wasn't hers and traded it with Marigold who had a mask which was Mariposas that had the shape of a butterfly with purlpe and blue colored wings. the girls entered the lavish ballroom. The ballroom was filled with people 1-5 grades. The girls ascended down the staircase to the flor of the ballroom,

“Where is milieu and her posse i thought she would be here by now,” Mariposa said with a little bit of hope that milieu might actually be coming to the ball.

“She's probably waiting for the perfect moment to make her grand entrance,” Flora responded rolling her eyes. Of course right after Flora said it milieu ascended down the stairs in a dress that wasn't the dress Flora was going to buy.

“What happened to the dress? Did you realize it wasn't—“ Marigold started until Mariposa pulled her back.

“I don't even know who you are but get out of my way,” Mylie said pushing passed them towards a  clump of girls.

“Uh, did she not recognize us?” Flora asked.

“Guess not,” Marigold replied.

“Now that we know that we are unrecognizable its time to talk to those boys,” Mariposa suggested.

“No, Mariposa you have some of the worst ideas,” Marigold jokingly said. The girls all looked over to the group of boys staring at them,

“Um are they staring at us?” Marigold asked.

“Yep, because we look awesome, and they don't know who we are and they don't know who we are,” Mariposa responded jokingly. The boys nodded to them and they giggled. The boys then took off their masks and then the girls realized that they were the weirdos who would rather play online magic then their real magic. suddenly a hand reached out to Mariposa,

“May I have this dance?” a mysterious boy asked Mariposa.

“I dont even know who you are…” Mariposa said resisting his request.

“Well then its a good time to get to know me.” the mysterious boy replied. Mariposa took his hand and they danced. Mariposa was making gestures to Flora and Marigold while her and the mysterious boy were dancing, and mouthing he-is-so-cute and oh-my-god. Marigold was taken by another mysterious boy and Flora was left all alone, until she went to get some water and was tripped by non other than Mylie,

“oops sorry, whatever your name is,”

“hahhaha,” Mylie her posse and a few other girls laughed along. A boy had seen Flora trip and came to help her,

“Mylie that was really mean,” he said astonished for some weird reason.

“John really it was an accident I didn't mean to trip her, total accident,” Mylie said regretting what she had done. Flora realized it was John the boy she had a crush on forever. John reached out his hand to help Flora up. Taking his hand she was looking down brushing off the back of her dress,

“Thank you,”

“Im sorry Mylie tripped you i had no idea she could be so mean,” John said shocked.

“ha,” Flora said amuzed by what John had said and looked up and met his eyes.

“Well thank you again—“ Flora started before being interrupted.

“Wht is your name?” John asked.

“Um—“ Flora started.

“Ok everyone the ball is over everyone get out there has been a interruption, everyone go home,” The president of the school Mrs. Hornsby announced. Flora was grabbed by Mariposa and they fled out the door before John turned around Flora was gone.

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