A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


17. Part 17: The Truth Unfolds

Flora was terrified with what her parents might be wanting to tell her all she could think was, “Whats happening to me?” and “Do my parents want to send me somewhere because they think something is seriously wrong with me?” She had so many thoughts rolling and turning around in her head and every second she waited for her parents to talk the more terrible her thoughts became. Floras parents were getting ready to tell her something big, and Flora knew it,

“Flora, you know that you might have two powers don't you,” Floras father started off, and her mother elbowed him, and whispered to him,

“I thought we were going to tell her slowly,” Flora was confused and just wanted them to tell her what they needed to quickly,

“Guys, can you please just tell me,” Flora said anxiously. Floras mother shifted on the couch,

“Flora you have to understand thats not normal, having two powers, but our family does,” her mother began to tell Flora, “When you were born we were betrayed by someone we trusted, and we were in power at the time-“ Flora swallowed hard,

“Um what do you mean in power?” Flora knew what they were going to say, but she just couldn't believe it.

“We are royalty Flora, but we were betrayed and had to get out of there so our friends helped us escape the palace and we’ve been safe here. Until, well when you told us what happened to you we think that the man that betrayed us might be after you now. We think that he knows that we are alive, well at least that you are,” Floras mother explained to her. Flora was in shock and realized that Marigold was right, but she still had a few questions,

“Why does he want to find me? What does he want with me?” Flora asked her parents.

“If we are still alive he will never be in full power over the kingdom Flora, and since you are the heir to the throne he will want to stop you from ever getting to it, but thats not all he would need to gain full control-“ Floras mother started until Floras father interjected,

“He needs something else to get all of your magic, but he has to find it first, and I don't think that it will be much of a problem. Flora you have to understand that you need to have control over your other power before ever going against him.”

“Can I tell Marigold, and Mariposa I know I shouldn't tell anyone but they will keep the secret they would never tell anyone!” Flora asked her parents. Floras parents looked at each other,

“Ok, but they have to help you control your ‘new’ powers,” Floras mother told her. Flora was taking the news of her new powers surprisingly well, and being herself loved using magic and couldn't wait to learn how to use them. Marigold and Mariposa were at Floras house in a matter of minuets when Flora had let them know that something urgent had happened. When they got to Floras house she told them immediately what had happened and how Marigold was right. The girls knew that they couldn't tell anyone about Flora and they agreed to help her.

“Where will we practice I mean I know that it will be at least a little bit suspicious if there are plants growing out of your house,” Marigold suggested.

“Why don't we go to the school to practice?” Mariposa suggested.

“Well, they have video cameras so that might not be the best idea,” Flora reminded them. The girls thought for a little bit thinking of how they could practice.

“WHy don't we fly somewhere?” Marigold asked them. Flora and Mariposa looked at her confused,

“We don't even have our wings yet Marigold,” Mariposa stated.

“You are right, but we do have butterflies,” Marigold reminded Mariposa.

“Ok, I don't think that butterflies will be able to hold us up,” Flora stated.

“Thats true, but in ‘Our Life, Magic,” Melissa and Felicity use butterflies to-“ Marigold started.

“Ok, ok, marigold I don't think we will be able to do that, lets think about something else, oh wow we could use the room we got in the basement to practice our magic last year,” Flora suggested feeling stupid for not remembering it before. The girls got to work on controlling Floras powers, while also learning to control their own magic. They were learning all new things to do with their magic and learning protection spells, and magic to defend themselves. The girls after practicing for an hour or two took a break to watch ‘Our Life, Magic.’ They were all sitting on the couch watching the show and eating popcorn,

“So how are you feeling about being a Royal?” Mariposa asked.

“Well, I don't know its really weird and Im still in shock, but I also think that it's actually pretty cool!” Flora admitted.

“That's awesome! I guess we are all royalty now!” Mariposa stated. Marigold and Flora looked at each other extremely confused.

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