A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


16. Part 16: Researching the Impossible

Flora, Marigold, and Mariposa were sitting in the kitchen on their Petals searching for an answer to why Flora had, or recently received new, or even just uncovered powers they weren’t sure exactly what they were searching for except for the fact that Flora had more than one powers. Mariposa became frustrated,

“I cant find anything to explain why you have more powers! Its probably the most unique thing because no one ever has more than one power!” Marigold entered a new search:

‘Could someone have more than one power?’ Underneath the search bar the results were,

Royals proclaiming…


Royal family…

Marigold thought that it was really strange that the only search results were about royalty, but she kept it to herself for a couple more seconds before she could research it more just to be sure. Marigold was then certain after all the researching she had done so she told Flora, and Mariposa, “Guys I think I know what has happened, Flora you must be royalty!” Marigold as soon as she said this realized that it was pretty far chance that she could be royalty.

“Haha Im not royalty, all of the royalty is in power and I think I would know if I was a princess,” Flora responded denying Marigolds theory. Marigold turned her petal to the girls showing them that it was the best theory she could come up with because of the only search results that were popping up,

“Well, I would love to know your guys’ theories,” Marigold replied.

“Hmmm, it really could be anything… other than Flora being royalty…” Mariposa stated sassily, “She probably accidentally mixed the wrong potions together and gained a power that way, you know Melissa Hegle, you know the girl from a few years ago, she did the same exact thing, of course it was only temporary.” Flora and Marigold looked at each other confused not knowing who Mariposa was or what she was talking about.

“Actually, that might be a pretty good theory I mean I haven't tried anything with my nature powers yet,” Flora agreed with Mariposa on her theory. Flora tried to use her magic on the plant in the living room, she reached out her arms and waved them and when she did nothing happened, then she saw the water pitcher next to her and reacher her hand out and tried to use her magic on it, when she did more water started to grow from it. Flora turned around to the girls, “See, it was only temporary, I guess you were right Mariposa, sorry Marigold Im not royalty even though that would be pretty cool.” Floras parents entered the front door and called to Flora,

“Flora we need your help unloading the car,” Floras mother then saw Marigold, and Mariposa, “Oh hey girls, I was just with your mothers at yoga!” Floras father then entered the house when Floras mother was putting down the groceries on the kitchen counter, “Hi girls! Flora help unloading the car, Marigold and Mariposa always a pleasure to have you over.” Mariposa and Marigold started putting away their petals and Floras parents noticed the searches on their petals, “What are you guys searching?” Floras mother asked. Mariposa turned to her,

“Oh yeah, we are just searching if someone could have more than one power and if they do why.”

“Why were you searching that?” Floras mother asked.

“Oh we were just curious, and um we have a report on it,” Marigold joined in.

“What class is it for?” Floras father asked.

“Oh, um-“ Mariposa started trying to think about the most reasonable class, completely forgetting about Magic.

“Magic,” Marigold saved Mariposa. Floras parents both looked at each other suspicious of what the girls were doing, and Floras mom looked at her,

“Flora, finish unpacking the car and you girls go home,” Floras mother changed the subject. As soon as the girls had left Floras parents were sitting at the kitchen table whispering to each other,

“Hi guys, what are you talking about,” Flora asked them walking into the kitchen.

“Hey, Flora we need to talk to you about something.” Flora wasn't sure what they would possibly need to tell her that would involve such seriousness, and then all of the sudden the plant in the living room grew even though it was just a little bit Flora sensed it grow. What could her parents want to talk to her about? Is it about her new powers? Is it something completely unrelated?


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