A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


15. Part 15: The Garden of Good and Evil

Flora watched as the flowers wilted away, and felt herself feel like she too was wilting away. Flora was having a hard time breathing, and Marc was just standing there watching with an evil smirk on his face. Flora was confused how could someone just turn so quickly, Marc was a completely different person, and now Flora knew that he couldn't be trusted and everything he said and did was just an act, but why? Then suddenly Marc finally after what seemed to be ages, said something to Flora,

“I knew it was you, he will be happy to know that I have found you,” Marc stated snickering. Flora was thinking to herself, “What does he mean he knew it was me,” “who is looking for me?” “Why do I feel like I am suffocating when there is moisture for me to use, the only thing dying are the plants,” then Flora had a moment of realization the only thing that this could mean was that she could also control nature, but how is this even possible? It is so incredibly rare for one person to have more than one power. Flora decided to act fast seeing that her time was running short, she reached out her hands and closed her eyes. She brought her hands back down and reached them to her chest, seeing the flowers start to rise from the ground Marc was in shock thinking that Flora wouldn't be able to realize and figure out that she also had another power. Then someone immediately came out from the corner of the bushes to find out what was going on after hearing Flora screaming, and attacked Marc, it was John. Flora panicked not realizing what was going on everything was happening so quickly. Flora was still having trouble breathing, and couldn't make out anything that was happening, and all of the sudden everything went black.

Flora woke up to the panic of Mariposa,

“I knew this would happen you guys should have listened to me! What if something terrible, well even more terrible than this were to happen!” Flora was slowly re gaining sight and fluttering her eyes open. Marigold saw her opening her eyes and interrupted Mariposa,

“Flora you're awake!” marigold said rushing over to her. They were in Floras house in the living room, Flora was lying on the couch while Marigold, Mariposa, Alex, and Nicholas were watching her on the other couch facing her. Flora was confused not remembering what had happened,

“What happened to me?” Flora asked trying to sit up holding her hand to her head. Mariposa brought her a glass of water and handed it to her,

“I found you in the garden, you were passed out John found you and got me, I dont know what happened, neither did John, but we are just glad that you are okay!” Mariposa told her. Marigold joined in,

“I should have never let you go with Marc, I had a bad feeling about him…”

“Oh yeah, you had a bad feeling about him I knew that there was something weird going on with him from the beginning,” Mariposa argued. Marigold looked over at Mariposa,

“Yeah, from the beginning of the night, I knew that there was something fishy-“ Marigold started to argue back.

“Guys! Its ok it really doesn't matter who thought something was wrong from the beginning, it was my fault that this happened I trusted him too much especially after what Mariposa saw in her vision,” Flora emitted. Flora remembered what had happened, “Guys, I remember what happened,” the girls looked at each other, “He took me to the garden... Marc, and he just kept going deeper and deeper into it and I was just looking at all the beautiful flowers, and then they started to die when we reached a dead end in the garden, I couldn't breathe!” Flora stated raising her hands and rested her head on them. “My head hurts!” Flora exclaimed. Mariposa put her arm around her,

“Flora don't worry everything will be okay just tell us everything else that happened,” When Mariposa said this Marigold led the boys out of the house. Flora lifted her head out of her hands,

“Guys I don't know what happened it all just happened so fast I was so confused, I thought that there was tons of moisture around me so why couldn't I breathe? Then I realized that the only thing that was dying were the plants, so I tried to use my magic against Marc,” Flora stated. Mariposa and marigold both looked extremely confused,

“Did Marc say or do anything?” Marigold asked.

“Yes, he did! He said, ‘I knew it was you, he will be happy to know that I have found you,’ and thats when I tried to use my magic! You know what happened? Plants started to come out of the ground!” Flora was scared she didn't even know that she had another power especially since that is so rare. Mariposa and Marigold looked at each other,


“Flora do you know what that means?” Marigold asked.


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