A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


14. Part 14: A Sudden Turn of Events

It was the night before the Fall Ball and the girls had gotten new dresses, that still matched their talents, Flora having control over water, dressed in a long dress with also purple highlights in it, with sparkles and dew drops all on the top of the dress. Mariposa had a dark purple top, with a green belt, and ombre lighter down to the bottom. Marigold had a sweetheart neckline top with a tool bottom, her skirt of her dress was orange sparkly and her top looked a little orangey with yellow and a sparkly neckline. They girls were dressed also in new heels, Flora had Mary Jane heels that were blue, Marigold had peep toe scrappy nude heels, and Mariposa wore purple, blue, and pink heels that this time were only patterned with butterflies all over them instead of having real butterflies on them. All three of the girls were ready for the dance and Mariposa fell backwards a little bit before Marigold caught her,

“Hey, Mariposa are you ok?” Mariposa snapped out of it and told her what she saw,

“I just had a vision, it was of Flora and some guy I didn't see his face but he was taking her somewhere.” Mariposa stated very concerned looking at Flora,

“Mariposa how do we know its not like the last time that you said that a squirrel was teaching a class, and we told the Headmaster and we were made fun of when they found out that the teacher was teaching the class.” Flora suggested.

“You are probably right,” Mariposa agree with her not actually fully believing herself.

“Lets go,” Marigold walked on towards the gym to the dance. The girls entered the gym and the boys were already there, they were waiting for the girls sitting at a table. The girls were watching the guys as they walked up to them, the boys looked extremely uncomfortable sitting at the table with the guy who stole their best friends “mystery girl.” Flora, Mariposa, and Marigold approached the table when Marc sat up from his uncomfortable conversation with Alex and Nicholas when seeing Flora and the girls just in time,

“Oh, just in time!” Marc stated relieved. Mariposa shot Marigold, then Alex a look of suspicion about Marcs motives,

“Well, um Mariposa do you want some punch?” Alex stated walking Mariposa over to the food and beverages table, “Ok so we tried kinda interrogating him, he's hard to get anything out of. I know this for sure though, he is very suspicious and shady. He has his whole life of his story ready like he's not lying, but I know the truth,” Mariposa turned to Alex,

“What truth,” Alex turned and looked to the table where Marigold, Flora, Nicholas, and marc were sitting and took a sip of his punch,

“That he is lying,” Mariposa rolled her eyes at Alex,

“Well, seriously I am concerned because I had a vision and someone took Flora, and we need to stop that from happening.”

At the table Nicholas was talking to Marigold about their latest Fan-fiction obsession, and telling her how pretty she looked, with references only him, Marigold and any other Fan-fiction obsessed people would understand. Flora was also with Marc at the table, since Mariposa had warned Flora about what she saw in her vision she had been a little suspicious of Marc,

“How come I don’t really know that much about you or your past.” Marc shifted unsteadily in his seat,

“Well I mean I really don't think that its very important,” Marc stated getting extremely offensive.

“Im sorry gosh, I was just wondering if I knew you as well as i thought I did,” Flora stated wondering now more than ever if Mariposa was right about the feeling she had that something was weird with Marc.

“Im going to talk so my friends,” Marc stated angrily walking away. Flora folded her arms and slouched in her chair, and she felt someone walk up behind her,

“Trouble,” John stated taking the seat where Marc was sitting before. 

Flora blew hair out of her face and looked at John,

“Why do you even care.” John looked at Flora about to say something, Flora felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach and Mariposa knew something was up. Mariposa and Marigold walked back over to the table and stared John right in the face,

“Ok, well Im just going to uh talk to Alex and Nicholas,” John stated walking away from the table. Flora turned to the girls,

“Thanks guys that was about to get extremely awkward,” Mariposa was the first to ask what they were both wondering,

“What was up with you and Marc? Also Im still having really weird feelings about him,” Marigold joined in,

“Yeah, something really weird is going on,” Flora looked at both of them,

“Ok so,” Flora told them everything in their conversation about how he was acting extremely offensive when she asked him why she didn't know anything about his background and how she was beginning to feel like he was hiding something also. Marc walked back over to the table and the girls shushed one another,

“Hey Flora can I talk to you, I also want to show you something,” Flora gave the girls an ‘Its ok’ look and knowing that she knew how to use her magic so they left her with Marc. Marc took Flora into the garden of the school which had tons of unique flowers of all different shapes sizes and colors in it. The two of them went through all of the different sections of the garden, until Flora noticed that it started to get extremely cold and dark,

“Brrr its kinda cold,” Flora was shivering and she noticed that all of the flowers were wilting away. They had hit a dead end in the garden.


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