A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


13. Part 13: Shattered Lies

John had admitted that he knew that Flora was the “mystery girl,” but Flora had no idea how to react, so instead she didn’t. Flora stared at John while he had an angry, I just proved my theory expression. Right on time when the blank expression was beginning to get weird, Mariposa and Marigold rushed through the door,

“Ok, Ok Flora we've got this guess who is here we can handle this. We've got this under control-” Mariposa was stating not looking at Flora when they ran into the house and then closed the door, when they finally turned around to see who was there Marigold was the first to speak,

“Oh um…” Marigold was starting then mumbling to Mariposa, “Well, I guess we were a little late, but this isn't awkward at all,” then seeing the photo in his hand and Floras blank expression, “Well, um I take that back.” John was looking ta them, besides Marigolds lame attempt to talk to Mariposa without him hearing John had changed positions to putting the picture back in his pocket,

“Well, um Flora I will talk to you about this later,” All Flora could do was awkwardly nod, and let John out through the front door and wave good bye,

“Ok, what just happened?!” Mariposa said confused.

“Yeah, that was extremely awkward,” Marigold joined in sitting on the couch with Mariposa was Flora was still standing. Flora finally said something,

“Well, actually you came at the perfect time he found out that I was the “mystery girl” at the fall ball!” Flora stated dropping down onto the couch next to them.

“I guess we did!” Mariposa agreed with Flora. Marigold decided, surprisingly, that she would tell why they came to the house,

“Flora, we knew that John knew about you only like ten minuets before I guess we got there,” Mariposa also joined in,

“Well, actually he wasn't certain about it, but Alex told me that John had his suspicions,” Soon enough it was Monday and Flora had to go to school where she knew things were going to be awkward, but refused to acknologe anything.

6:30 Monday Morning,

Beep Beep

Flora was woken up immediately from the alarm clock. She felt surprisingly fresh, and ready for anything even if it did come from John. She got dressed in her latest cutest outfit, a button up white shirt with black keys on it, black skirt, black tights, and black boots. When Flora finally got to school she met up with Mariposa and Marigold at their usual spots in the cafetieria,

“ok yeah so I told him that we could either see a chick flick or a syfy film and guess what he said!” Mariposa asked a rhetorical question. “He said nah, like just nah, like whats that supposed to mean!” showing just the way he said it.

“Yeah, well guess what me and Nicholas did, we read books together and wrote a fan fiction,” Marigold boasted. Flora and Mariposa laughed, thinking how nerdy the two of them were while still being absolutely adorable together. While Flora was laughing along she had no idea that Marc and his friends were setting up something for her, so Marc could ask her to the Fall Ball. Mariposa and Marigold noticing this, decided to continue distracting her,

“Did you see the new “One World, Magic” Uh made my heart melt they are just two cute together!” Mariposa, Flora, and Marigold debated this. When the boys had finally finished unrolling the huge sign they made for Flora the girls immediately stopped talking, and Flora turned around. Behind Flora was the huge sign Marc and his friends had made for her on it said, “Flora Ive FALLen for you please go to the Fall Ball with me,” Flora being extremely shocked cupped her hands around her mouth excited and ran up to Mdarc and gave him a huge hug,

“Of course Ill go to the Fall Ball with you! Just where a blue tie,” Flora said excited, and completely serious about the color tie he had to wear. Mariposa was laughing and turned around catching Alex gave him a ‘you better do something like this for me!’ look, and walked over to him,

“Don't worry Ill figure something out,” Alex reassured Mariposa.

“Oh yeah, you better,” Mariposa stated partly joking. Marigold while Mariposa was busy with Alex, otherwise couldn't care less how Nicholas asked her to the Fall Ball, noticed John looking extremely jealous walked up to him,

“You know look how happy Flora is, I swear if you try anything, oh John we know where you live,” Marigold stated attempting a threat. John looked at Marigold, until Mylie rushed up to him,

“Hey, John!” completely blocking out Marigold, “You wear a pink tie.” Marigold shot John a look and walked away over to Nicholas.

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