A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


12. Part 12: I Can Tell A Thousand Lies

After Flora saw the text message from John she had a million thoughts of, “Great right when I find another guy I really like,” and “Finally, but what about Marc?” and “Finally!” Flora was on her bed, staring at her phone with her a thousand thoughts, and a thousand lies. How would she respond? It was a simple text message, but with a complex meaning. Flora decided to completely just ignore him, and it was Friday, he would have completely forgotten about it by Monday! Flora had made up her mind to ignore Johns text message and binge watch Our Life, Magic on Flyflix. She put her phone on the table, put in her earphones, and started her binge watch of Our Life, Magic. While watching her show she had completely spaced out focusing on her show, and forgetting about the real world. Flora had finished the next episode and re-watched the seasons, all 5 of them again. She took out her earphones and looked at her phone, she had 53 unread text messages from Mariposa and Marigold,

Be careful Flora, you really like Marc now and John might know!-Marigold

I already told her-Mariposa



Oh, ok, well anyway he took one of the pictures, but he cant see your face because the mask you were wearing.-Marigold

Wait. Wait you know how when we got to the Fall Ball they had that list with all of the names and the talent types… well who made which mask goes to who, and that someone obviously now knows that it was Flora.-Marigold

How would they know that it was Flora-Mariposa

Because John just posted the picture online-Marigold

Wow this guy needs to chill-Mariposa

Flora skipped over a few text message to the last one,

Ill call my cousin who works at stickitfast (the social media site) and Ill see if he can block anyone from seeing it besides John so he will think that its still up there and won't try to figure out who took it off-Marigold

Flora joined in

Guys when is the next Fall Ball part 2?-Flora

OH, well why don’t you just finally join in!-Mariposa texted sarcastically

Um, next week how long have we been talking about this for and you still don't know when it is!-Marigold

Great, well its not going to be masked again right because I've heard two things either we are going to have to wear the same masks, or we aren't wearing masks at all.-Flora

We have to wear masks, which will be a fun little adventure and think about it you'll have John and hopefully Marc going after you! I mean not hopefully two guys but maybe like I mean I hope he likes you, but then it will be really awkward-Mariposa


Sorry guys, someones at the door one second-Flora

Flora ascended down the staircase rushing, when we opened the door a brush of wind blew back her chestnut brown hair,

“Hello-“ Flora said a little confused why John was at her house, “Um… Hi what are you doing here…” John looked down at his feet and back up again at Flora,

“Well, I kinda need your help with something…”

“What do you need?” Flora said more confused then ever.

“Well, I need help with a spell, and why didn’t you respond to the text I sent you?” John said a little annoyed.

“Well, I, Uh misplaced my phone,” Flora stated lying not realizing that she had her phone in her hand and it was beeping like crazy with text messages from Mariposa, and Marigold. John looked at Flora with an “I know you're lying look,”

“Well then whats that in your hand,” Flora looked at her phone that was in her hand, and immediately thought of something and laughed a little,

“Well, I just found it before you got here.” Flora knew she was spinning her own little web of lies. Flora let John in after that fairly awkward conversation. Entering the house John pulled out the picture from FLroas locker out of his pocket,

“I know that Marc probably told you that I took this, and I know that you’re good at magic so I need your help,”

“What if this mystery girl of yours doesn't what to be found?” Flora asked.

“Well why don't you tell me, do you want to be found,” John stated surprising Flora.

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