A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


11. Part 11: Awkward Cute Note Passing

The next day at school was extremely awkward, not for Flora at least yet since she has no idea what Marigold and Mariposa had done. Flora was at her locker getting her books until when she closed her locker door Alex was right in front of her leaning on the other lockers. 

"Ok thats weird. What do you want Alex, and stop giving me that suspicious look," Flora said backing around Alex? 

"Well, I don't think i'm the suspicious one here," Alex responded. 

"Well, ok Alex i'm just going to go to class," Flora stated even more weirded out then before.  

"What class?" Alex asked. 

"Magic," Flora responded confused why he would even care.

"Oh ok you go make a splash," Alex said referring to her powers. Flora rushed off before Alex could scare her anymore. The students in Magics class took their seats and Mr. Steedle was writing the lesson on the chalk board. Flora was still sitting next to John. Flora passed over a note to Mariposa,

"Alex was acting really, really weird  he told me to have a splash and was acting like I was hiding something from him and he seemed like he wanted to ask me something."

Mariposa read the note and shot a death glare over to Alex who was currently watching them. She then sent a letter over to Alex and one to Flora,

"Alex what are you doing creeping out Flora?!"

"Flora I honestly have no idea what is going on I promise no idea." As Flora read the note she could tell Mariposa wasn't telling the truth. Alex read his note angrily catching it on fire. The entire classroom just stared directly at Alex and Mr. Steedle oddly enough noticed the note passing, but didn't bother embarrassing Alex. Alex returned a note to Mariposa,

"Well, I am just trying to get some answers for my best friend!" Mariposa scribbled something down back to Alex,

"Well, I think John has moved on already so why does it matter?" Alex replied back,

"I don't really think he has if you would listen to me for once like what I was trying to tell you in the ice cream place!" Flora used her Magic to get the note before it could be passed on. Flora caught on pretty quickly and wrote her own note,

"Obviously I intercepted an argument between you two i'm sorry, but you two should probably stop arguing and look up." Turned out she didn't know it was actually about her. When they looked up Mr. Steedle had written on the board their whole conversation, but leaving out the names of Flora and John. Mariposa and Alex wrote each other one last note,

"I'm sorry <3" and the note was displayed on the board and the whole class awed. When the class had ended Mariposa and Alex were talking and Flora rolled her eyes jokingly,

"Ok, ok you guys that was pretty cute although that was a pretty awkward situation,"

Mariposa held Floras arm, "Flora i'm sorry, but when you left we accidentally told Alex and Nicholas about you know who." Flora didn't look as surprised as expected,

"You guys are the worst, not even kidding THE WORST at keeping secrets," Flora stated. 

"Wait so you're not mad?" Alex asked. 

"No not really I mean we have another Fall Ball coming and John has Mylie," Flora stopped and rolled her eyes, " and I mean Marcs really nice and I think he's really cute." Flora walked back to her locker and felt something wrong, but ignored it she opened her locker and tons of papers flew out. The pictures were of Flora being caught by John at the Fall Ball. Flora felt a figure over her as she picked up the papers off of the floor. it was John he knelt down to help her and saw the pictures,

"Flora what is this?”


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