A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


10. Part 10: An Ice Cream Mistake

With the new found information the girls had discovered from Matilda and the not so wasted time in detention the girls decided to get ice cream at polka dot. 

"So we know that the Headmaster was acting suspicious obviously, and we now know that she didn't want to let something out." Marigold ate a spoon full of mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

"Yeah, but we-" Mariposa started. "Wait wait ok here they come," Mariposa referred to Alex and Nicholas approaching their table with their own ice cream. 

"Well, hello there," Nicholas stated looking at Marigold. Marigold blushed and Flora brushed her upper lip signaling to Marigold that she had ice cream on her face. Marigold promptly rubbed it off and looked back up to Nicholas and smiled,

"Hello to you too, what have you guys been up to."

"Well, we have been at hero classes and you know that takes up all of our time," Alex reminded the girls trying to impress Mariposa while taking a seat. 

"Oh yeah really," Mariposa teased Alex. 

"Yeah, it takes a lot to be this amazing and fit," Alex responded making Mariposa laugh. Flora was sitting in the middle of Mariposa, and Alex and Marigold, and Nicholas feeling like a complete fifth wheel. Flora out of the corner of her eyes caught Marc in line for ice cream with his friends. Flora pretended not to notice him not wanting to make the first move, then feeling Marcs friends watching her, looked up and they were looking at her all of them except actually Marc. Of course Alex and Nicholas were busy with Marigold and Mariposa and Flora sat in her seat feeling like an awkward fifth wheel with a bunch of boys watching her. 

"Ok, well guys i'm just going to go home," Flora say up getting her jacket and bag. 

"Aw, well ok," Mariposa stated not actually seeming too disappointed. Flora said bye to everyone and headed out of the ice cream place to her house and while she was leaving the ice cream place she heard Marc call her name,

"Flora? Oh hey!" Marc said excited. 

"Hi!" Flora responded. "Well, I have to go," Flora quickly ended their conversation. 

"Oh yeah, me too I don't want my ice cream to melt haha," Marc agreed, "i'll see you at school tomorrow."

"See you!" Flora responded turning around and leaving. With Flora not the awkward third wheel anymore it was only Nicholas, Alex, Marigold, and Mariposa at the ice cream place. 

"Ok something's very off. John has been acting really weird and we have never like Mylie-" Alex started. 

"Ok ok no we have already gone through one round of make Flora feel better it is too hard to get her feeling better again. Trust me we don't want her eating another few tubs of ice cream again-" Mariposa ranted until she realized her mistake by the others faces. 

"Well, I don't really think that this affects Flora... unless wait is she-" Alex stated.

"Marigold why didn't you tell me!" Nicholas stated annoyed. 

"I. i. I mean I don't know what you're talking about..." Marigold responded trying to convince them and herself. 

"What we meant was she has so much stress we don't want her to be alone all the time so we should check on her pretty soon," Mariposa stepped in trying to save her mistake. The girls were getting up until Nicholas asked,

"What are Floras powers?"

"Water, why?" Marigold responded.


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