A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


1. Part 1: Just the Beginning

A kingdom of secrets, A kingdom among many kingdoms. A kingdom in a land filled with magical beings and many hidden treasures. In this kingdom lies many secrets but its beauty masks its unknown answers. The king, queen, and their daughter; the rulers of the kingdom of Levigarda mysteriously died in a tragic accident. In Levigarda the school which its students learned how to use their magic, magical history, and math. All the students at Levigarda have their very own magic. Every single person has their own special gift, and every person needs to learn to use it to their advantage. 

In a land known at Levigarda their was a girl her name was Flora Meribella. Flora had the gift of water. Flora could yield water to do whatever she wants. Floras parents were in the kitchen making Flora her first day of “Levigarda magic school breakfast,”

“Hello my little water angel,” Floras mother announced.

“Good morning mom,” Flora said in her usual smiley, happy way. “Where is dad?”

“Down here!” Floras dad called to her.

“Come on Flora you need to eat quickly, you don't want to be late to your first day of class.” Floras mother reminded her. Flora quickly ate her breakfast and summoned her toothbrush to her on her way out the door,

“Flora dont forget your—“ Floras mother started.

“Where is my lunch box?!” Flora said flustered.

“Flora I have it here—“ Floras mother began.

“Thanks mom!” Flora replied hurried to get out the door to not be late.

“Flora don't forget your—“ Floras mother said again.

“—Backpack!” Flora remembered. Floras house was in the city of Ballvuni which was in Levigarda. Floras family was in a middle-class neighborhood and had a beautiful home. Their house was a four story mansion with an elevator and a patio with a pool outside. Flora entered the school grounds and took a deep breath before heading up the stairs to the front door. The front door was decorated with very a meticulous design, Flora noticed something shimmer in the flower of one of the designs, but before she could genet a good look at it she became distracted. Flora was in the freshman class of a Co Ed new high school, but there was literally no difference because the grade she would enter into were practically the same grade except for a few new kids transforming from other places. Flora was distracted from her long-time-crush John, who was of course the most popular boy in the class. Flora wasn't popular but was definitely not unpopular. In Levigarda the “unpopular” kids were the people who would rather sit home and play games of magic on-fly instead of using their actually using their own magic,  other than that of-course the kids had no social skills whatsoever.

“FLORA!” one of Floras best friends mariposa exclaimed.

“Mariposa!” Flora replied excitedly.

“ Flora, Mariposa!” Marigold their other best friend joined in.

“I haven't seen you in so long, did you get a new shirt? New shoes? Cute!” They all said in unison.

“Haha” they laughed together. Getting distracted again by Johns blue eyes, blonde hair, and just the fact that he is just cute. 

“Oh god. no.” Marigold noticed Floras trance, “Uh. bleck.” gesturing herself throwing up. Marigold had golden eyes and blonde hair, and of course her magic was the sunlight. mariposa has the magic of Butterflies. Flora had chestnut colored hair and hazel, blue eyes and the magic of water.

“Hey Flora,” Mylie the most popular girl in the class said seeming to have something up her sleeve. Mylie had the power of animating things. She stood there with her possy standing behind her ready to defend her and take a punch for her. “Well I guess you still want to keep hanging with these little whatevers. Don't worry if you say the wrong answer high school wont be fun.” Mylie said nastily. Natalie whispered something to Mylie, Mylie had the power of knitting which is not the best power if you could imagine, thats why she's a possy. Katherine the other possy nodded in agreement, Katherine had the power of Telekinetic speaking.

“Haha,” Mylie laughed sinisterly. “Never mind we just realized we don't want to be friends with you, and high school wont be fun anyway because we don't like you.”

“hahahhaha,” Mylies possy laughed after her snarky remark. They left striating to the next class.

“Don't listen to her,” Mariposa remarked.

“Yeah, don't,” Marigold said in agreement.

“Anyway we should be getting to our first class. Which is… magic! Yay!” mariposa stated. We walked through the hallway with our new high heel shoes, and skirts from MagicalWay for beginning of the year shopping.

“Ok class My name is Mr. Steedle and this is magic, the very beginning of your magic training. Anyway open your magic for 1st years book, of course you all have your 5 books for obviously for your 5 years of high school.” Mr. Steedle stated. “Anyway along with the reading, so we all know that we all have our won special gift, but we all also have the power to move things, lift things, the basics. Everyone flip to page 3.” The rustling of all the many textbooks in the class sounded like the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. “John— That is your name right,” Mr. Steedle asked. “Can you switch seats it looks like you'll have some trouble concentrating this year next to Alex. Alex is Johns best friend he has brown hair and blue eyes. “You'll be sitting in-between Flora and Mariposa, and marigold you will be sitting in-between Nicholas and Alex.” Nicholas was another one of Johns friends he had raven black hair and brown eyes.

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