A Kingdom of Secrets

Open the story to a new world, And the adventure begins... In a world filled with magic a freshman in high school, Flora Meribella uncovers many secrets of the Enchanted Kingdom Levigarda with her best friends.


20. Chapter 20: Lets Turn the Chapter

Flora couldn't believe it John approached her! Marigold and Mariposa saw him coming up to her and had already backed away and dissapeared around the corner. Flora was terrified and excited to see what John wanted to say to her, and was excited that he would finally talk to her at all. She began to notice that quite some time passed and she was beginning to feel very uncomfortable,

“So, um ok… well nice talking to you?” Flora said confused. As Flora was walking away with her books held to her chest with her hands John stopped her,

“Wait, Flora. I was wondering if I could have—” John started worriedly but not before Mylie had a chance to steal him away.

“Hey, John!” Mylie gave a icey cold look to Flora and stepped in front of John blocking his view from Flora. “I was wondering if we could start over you know I really didn't mean to—“

“Mylie, you gave me a love potion! Nothing about that was accidental. Thank god I saw you for what you really are,” John stood up to Mylie for the first time for all of the people bullied by her.

“Oh really and what AM I?” Mylie said sassily.

“You are—“ John started before seeing that the Headmaster was walking down the hallway checking on everyone. Some one called through the crowded hallway,

“SHES ON THE PROW!” Every one in the hallway scattered to their lockers making sure that they were ok for her inspections. The room was neatly organized in the span of 10 seconds, girls had fixed their hair and collars, and guys had fixed what they could which was not much but picked up the many little pieces of papers off of the floor. While the girls in the freshman class were all pampered and cute looking (all but Matilda and her crowd which they were perfectly ok with) the boys on the other hand were not, they tore up things untucked their shirts any chance they got and ripped up papers for some strange reason, so the boys will be boys in other words. The Headmaster was walking down the hallway in a pace that was quick and authority like for the past 2 weeks since the girls detention they had been worried about the headmaster after what Matilda told them and how her mood had changed monumentally since the Fall Ball. They were afraid that she might go all full crazy and try to take over the school and then Levigarda. The Headmaster was walking slowly passed the Freshman class examining each of then meticulously she almost moved on until something caught her eye,

“Natalie,” Natalie was one of Mylies posse, “come to my office after your first period class,” The  room was tense and Natalie looked as if she had stopped breathing. Although Natalie was in Myles posse she was still a nice person oddly enough without Mylie knowing about it, the whole grade was wishing that Natalie didn't do anything wrong. As soon as the Headmaster had passed the Freshman class onto the Sophmores the class breathed just a little bit easier. The Headmaster examined the Sophomores just as much as the Freshman class and called a girl out to her office the same time she wanted Natalie to meet her. The Freshman class then realized this and looked at Natalie and then each other and nodded that Natalie wasn't in trouble and would be okay. As soon as the Headmaster had left the Hallways the students went back to how they were before the Headmaster entered. John ran back up to Flora taking a deep breath,

“Flora what I was going to ask you before Mylie interrupted me for the millionth time,” John took a breath, “I was going to ask you for your number so I could ask you questions about school stuff and Magic class,” John asked Flora worried what her response would be. Alex and Nicholas were listening in to John and Floras conversation snickering behind him. Flora nodded smiling and wrote on a piece of paper her number and gave it to him. “Hey, Flora I don't only want to text you about school stuff,” Flora blushed and smiled at him and turned and walked away meeting up with Mariposa and Marigold.

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