Off Limits

Willow is not the prettiest girl in school but wen she gets unwanted attention for the tattooed bad boy luke hemmings he changed her for the better?


28. Chapter 27

It's been a week, I think, since landyn first raped me. Since then he's beat me and raped me more. I've started losing hope.

Landyn just beat the crap out of me. I'm currently curled up in a ball on the floor. At least landyn finally gave me clothes. They rnt that great. He gave me a small crop top and short shorts. I was about to drift off to sleep wen the door creaked open. Light flooded into my room from the hallway.

"Wat do u want landyn?" I groan.

"Shh it's me luke." I shoot up relieved to see him. He picks me up and holds me close to his body.

He carries me out of wherever we were and takes me back to his place. I couldn't do anything but cry into Luke's chest. He rubbed my back do try and make me calm down.

"Do u need anything willow?" I shook my was not wanting him to leave me. "Well let's at least get u changed."

He carries me into his room and sits me on the bed. He disappears into his closet and comes out with one of his shirts and sweatpants. I slip them on and cuddle with luke after he called my dad telling him that I was here.

"Thank u luke." I hug him tightly.

"Of course." We sat in a comfortable silents before my dad bursted into the house calling my name.

I walk downstairs and runs over to me and hugs me tightly. "Omg r u ok willow? Y do u have so many cuts and bruises?" My dad bombarded me with questions.

"I'm fine dad." I hug him. "Is it ok if I stay the night here at Luke's?"

"Of course." He kisses my forehead and leaves.

"U want to stay here with me?" I jump not noticing that luke came downstairs.

"Well yeah if that's ok with u." I look down.

"Of course it's ok with me I was just surprised that u wanted to." He smiles.

"Of course I would y wouldn't I?"

"Well u know after wat I did to u."

"U saved me luke u wouldn't have done that if u didn't like me."

Luke turns a deep shade of red. "Well let's clean up ur cuts." He carries me into the kitchen and sits me on the counter and takes a wet wash cloth and cleans my cuts an takes me upstairs.

We cuddled as we fell asleep.

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