Off Limits

Willow is not the prettiest girl in school but wen she gets unwanted attention for the tattooed bad boy luke hemmings he changed her for the better?


27. Chapter 26

It's been a week since I found landyn smoking with luke. After that the week just go worse. Lilly scarlet and holly started hanging out with me less and hung out with luke and his assholes for friends. Holly kept telling me to get back together with luke because he honestly was really sorry but wen I say no she called me a selfish bitch and doesn't talk to me.

This was utterly horrible. I'm currently walking back from a diner that's at the end of my street but before I could actually eat there I saw luke landyn holly Lilly and Scarlett there. Landyn saw me and whispered something to luke and they both started laughing.

I didn't have the energy to face them today so I just left. As I was passing the large abandon building near the diner I herd snickering coming from the alley. Ik that going towards it is probably a bad thug but it's sort of sounded like landyn.

I turn into the alley and listen to see if I can here anything but everything is silent. I hear foot steps coming from behind me and I turn around and jump a little wen see luke.

"God luke u scared me."I nervously laughs.

"Oh, I didn't mean to. Y r u over here it's not good to stay in these alleys for too long."

"Ik I thought I just heard a laughs that sounded like landyn."

"It must have just been a ur mind playing tricks....." A cloth was over my face and before luke could finish his sentence I was out.

Luke POV:

As I carries willow to my car I couldn't help but feel more and more guilty. This wasn't my plan though. It was all landyn. He's had a crush on her since forever basically and he was happy wen they were "dating" and kissing but he, like every other guy in the world, he wants more. So that's wat we r doing I agreed to help him get her but that was it.

The truth is I still do love her. As luna went upstairs Jessica just straddled me and started making out with me at first I was shocked but then I started pushing me away but she was a lot stronger then I thought. I just wish I could have wen better to her and wen she told me she cut I heart shattered. She deserves so much better.

Landyns been the one who's taking her friends away. I have for once an innocent bystander.

Willows POV:

I wake up with a pounding headache. The room that I'm in is freezing. I try sitting up but my wrists are tied to the bed post. I struggle to get my arms free but it's no use. "HELP!"

I light is turn on and a person walks in. My eye adjust to the light I see landyn standing in the doorway laughing. "Now I've been waiting for this for a long time. Of course I would hope that u would want to be willing to do this with me but I don't mind this either."

"Wat r u talking about?"

"Ur so blind willow. I've liked u for the longest time now but u haven't noticed and now I'm finally going to get wat I've always wanted."

He gets on the bed and crawls over to me and straddles my hips and kisses me. I don't kiss back and try to move around so that his stops. Instead landyn pulls back and slaps me.

"U will do wat I say or I will beat u." I nod and wen he kisses me I kiss him back. "Good girl."

As he kisses me his hands roam all over my body and he lifts up my shirt to reveal my bra. He bits his lip and tears my shirt off and leaves it in shreds on the floor. He wraps his arms around me and takes off my bra.

I whimper and tried to cover myself but landyn moved my arms. He leans down and attached his lips to my nipple. I squeeze my eyes shut in hope to ignore everything that is going on but I receive a slap. "Eyes open and moan." Landyn demands.

I moan as he continues. He then slides my shorts off a long with my underwear. He waists no time taking his clothes off then thrusting into me. I grip the ropes that bound my wrists to the bedpost.

"God ur so tight willow." He goes faster. I moan again. He slaps me again."Come on willow actually act like u enjoy my dick in ur pussy. Ik u do." I moan louder and more but this is the most disgusting thing ever.

When he orgasms he finally stops. I expect him to untie me but he leaves me tied to the bed and naked. "I'm not done with u." He gives me a sheet as a blanket even though it's really cold in here. He leaves the room and that night I cried myself to sleep.

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