Off Limits

Willow is not the prettiest girl in school but wen she gets unwanted attention for the tattooed bad boy luke hemmings he changed her for the better?


26. Chapter 25

That after noon me and landyn went shopping in order to find clothes that could possible make luke jealous. Since I ha lost a bit of weight I now have a basically flat stomach so I was willing to do short shorts and crop tops and stuff like that.

The entire time we chatted trying to find more ways to make luke jealous. We decide that we would some how lure luke some place or have someone bring him there and have it seem like we r having sex. Landyn told me to act more sexy by bending over to "pick something up" wen luke was by and shit like that. I told him wat happened with luke and he practically laughed his ass off.

*****Page Break******

The next morning I woke up earlier then normal to prepare myself for school. I grab a pair or black high waisted jean shorts and a black crop top that has skeleton hands over my boobs. I went into the bathroom and brushed out my hair and fixed my side bangs. I put on black eye liner and made it wing out on the side(idk how to say it) and I put on dark red lip stick. I slip on my black converse and slipped on a beanie that said 'come as u are'. Just as I finished landyn arrived at my place.

I quickly hoped in the car extremely excited to see luke reaction to everything we had planed.

"Wow willow u look great." Landyn smiled.

"Thanks landyn." I hugged him and smile.

Wen we arrive at school we quickly assume our roles as boyfriend and girlfriend and held hands as we walked in. I was getting strange look from people but I could care less.

I walked over to my locker and see luke was with a really pretty blonde that I didn't really recognize. My heart sunk into my stomach as I saw them kiss. Idk y I was so upset but I was. Luke didn't particularly look happy talking to her but he kisses her bur I guess that's just luke.

Wen look spotted me I swear his eyes fell out of his head and his started drooling a bit. I smirked and I opened my locker and bent over to grab my books giving luke a full view of my ass. Just like we planed landyn came over and pulled my hips towards his dick.

I squealed a bit and stood up and turned towards landyn but quickly glances at luke for find him completely ignoring the girl and glaring at us. I giggled and kisses landyn quickly.

We did the same as yesterday. Us laughs if together me sitting on landyns lap and feeding each other lunch. Next period me and landyn had a free period and so did luke so this is wen we planed our little sex fake out. Luckily kian agreed to lead luke over towards the guys bathroom by the gym and we were going to be there "having sex."

Landyn quickly left to find kian and make sure he knew the plan so I sat and talked to holly and Lilly.

"Guys jenny asked me out should I say yes?" Lilly asked. She's been openly bisexual for 2 years. Jenny and Lilly went out a year ago but broke thugs off wen jenny was planning on going to a private culinary high school in Albany ny. Jenny ended up not going and staying here.

"Well u guys did love each other u just broke it off because she was leaving and u didn't want a long distant relationship. Do u still love her?" I ask. They were honestly they cutest couple ever.

"Well yeah. I still love her." Lilly blushes.

"Yas jilly is back. Otp!!" Holly celebrated. Holly is the stereotypical white girl always having Starbucks and uggs. But she's a fangirl at heart and pretty much fangirls over everything. But she's cool since she lives with luke she's into a lot of the same bands as me and Lilly.

The bell rings signaling us that the period is over. I realized that landyn left to go fine kian a while ago. I guess he just went to the bathroom. I walked to the boys bathroom by the gym and walk in. Luckily no one was standing there peeing but no one was in the stalls either.

I texted landyn but he wasn't replying. I ran to find kian in the work out because he was on the football team. They both seemed to be total opposites but they go along well. "Kian have u seen landyn? I'm worried I can't find him at all and he's not responding to my text."

"No I went over to find luke but I couldn't find him either so I came here assuming u guys already got him."

My eyes widened and my heart started beating faster. Luke and landyn missing at the exact same can't be good. I run out to the parking lot and towards the back of the school. Luke usually hangs out back here a lot and this was the only place I hadn't looked.

Sure enough wen I turned the corner I saw a red haired boy and blue haired boy just hanging out. With them together by themselves and with wat me and landyn have been doing to luke I would have thought they were beating each other up. Well luke beatin landyn up. He's kind of scrawny compared to luke.

Wen I got closer I saw smoke emerge from landyns mouth. This really surprised me. Despite his dyed hair and snake bites he's the most innocent guy ever. He's never even touched a cigaret and now he's smoking?!

"Um hey landyn. Wat r u doing u never smoke."

"Oh I'm just hanging with my mate luke here." He slaps his shoulder and gives me a crooked smile.

"Landyn do u remember wat he did to me?"I say through grit teeth.

"Ur just over exaggerating willow. Luke here is a great guy. I'm going to go get a tattoo with him after school."he let's out another puff of smoke.

"Ur such an asshole luke." I growl.

"Wat did I do?" He gives me a smirk.

"U fucking brainwashed him."I motioned to landyn.

"Well ur friend here will say and do anything just so he won't get his ass kicked. He told me all about ur little plan an that ur not even dating."

"I don't know y I ever thought u would change. Ur still a selfish bastard." He rolls his eyes and I leave. It's official that boys r off limits for me. No more guy friends or boyfriends because they r all assholes.

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