Off Limits

Willow is not the prettiest girl in school but wen she gets unwanted attention for the tattooed bad boy luke hemmings he changed her for the better?


25. Chapter 24

Wen me and landyn get to school we start to hold hands as we walk through the halls. We get dirty looks from people but I was to content on finding luke to care. No matter how many times it happens girls r still upset wen luke dumps them. Every time. But not me. Wen I finally spot luke at the end of the hallway by Hollys locker,which is close to mine, me a landyn walk over to my locker.

"Bye babe see u third period."I say loudly to hopefully get Luke's attention.

"Ok kitten." Out of the corner off my we I can see luke staring at us and her clenches his fists wen her hears landyn call me kitten. Landyn leans in a kisses me. At first it was really awkward considering we r friends. We pull away and he gives me a quick kisses then walks off to his class.

I can tell that luke is extremely pissed because he won't stop glaring at me. I have successfully made him jealous now I just have to keep it up until I completely ruin him.

During third period me and landyn sit next to each other and whisper random shit to each other and giggle during class. Luke is glaring daggers at us from the back of the class.

In science we r looking at things in microscopes so periodically landyn asks me to look at things so I go over and sit on his lap and I look at them.

At lunch the two of us feed each other our lunches and we kiss a lot wen ever luke is around.

After school landyn leave with kian not before kissing me. I have a detention because I was late to my math class cause I was "making out" with landyn in front of luke. We really just turned our heads so he couldn't see our faces and made it look like we were.

My teacher mrs Becker let me out early so I roamed the halls waiting for the late busses to come. I pull out my phone and went on tumblr but I was yanked into a closet.

I was about to scream but a hand was put over my mouth. I struggle against who ever it is until I notice that cologne is familiar. I lick the persons hand that.

"Ew gross willow." Luke complains and wipes he's hand on his jeans. He turns on the light and grabs my wrists and pins them above my head so I can't move them.

"Wat do u want luke."I snap.

"Wat the fuck is with u and landyn. Didn't he ditch u because u were dating me? Now u two r kissing all that other crap."

I laugh bitterly and come up with a complete lie on the spot. "Well u see after u caught u and Jessica making out on the couch I was devastated but then I thought I really shouldn't be because me and landyn have been dating for a while but we've kept it a secret. Then wen u started to take a liking in me landyn was pretty upset but then I thought lets do that whole mean girl thing where I totally spy on u and that shit. I was dating landyn the whole time but to make sure no one was suspicious we pretended not to be friends. And btw i wasn't a virgin. I was fucking landyn behind ur back." I smirk. I could tell my lie was erring to luke and surprisingly he totally fell for it.

Luke let go of my wrists and just looked at me in shock.

I quickly brought my hand back and slapped luke across the face. I'm not vary strong but my slap really took him by surprise.

"That was for hitting me." And with that I left him in the closet dazed and quite confused.

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