Off Limits

Willow is not the prettiest girl in school but wen she gets unwanted attention for the tattooed bad boy luke hemmings he changed her for the better?


24. Chapter 23

I wake the next morning way before my alarm goes off. I decide to take a shower and to just relax for a bit thinking over everything.

I decide that after everything that happened I just really want landyn back as a friend. He made everything a lot easier to handle but I want to make luke jealous in return for doing that to me last night. If I can win landyn back I can possibly use him for making luke jealous.

I put on my misfits shirt a red flannel and black skinny jeans and I run downstairs. Jessica is sitting at the dinning room table with everyone else and she keeps glancing at me wen I walk in.

"Hey dad. Morning Catherine Ricky Nathan." I smile and purposely ignore Jessica. "Dad can u drive me to my friend landyns house this morning?"

"Sure let me just finish eating." I wait for my dad to finish and we get in his car and I direct him to landyns house. "Willow y didn't u say good morning to Jess?"

"No reason I'm just kind of mad at her cause she.... Uh she scratched one of my MCR vinals." I lie.

"Oh well can't u jut buy another and I'm sure it was by accident."

"Yeah I probably could." The rest of the car right was completely silent.

Wen we arrive at landyns I hop out of the car and practically run to his door and knock on it as my dad drives off. Since landyns mom and dad have to leave to go to work pretty early they rnt home so it's just landyn and kian.

Landyn opens the door but closes it immediately. I stick my foot in the door before it closes.

"Landyn I'm sorry for not believing u. Yesterday I was changing to go to the beach with luke but wen I came down I saw him making out with my step-sister while she was grinding on him.....I should have listened to u." I cry looking anywhere but at him.

"Oh it's ok willow I was really rude I should have stuck with u." He hugs me and rubs my back.

"Can u help me with something." I look up and sniff.

"Sure. Wat do u need help with?"

"Um well I want to make luke revert everything he did to me so I was hoping u would pretend to date me to get luke jealous."

"Sure that prick didn't deserve u."

"That's landyn."I smile and kiss his cheek. I can't wait to get revenge on luke.

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