Off Limits

Willow is not the prettiest girl in school but wen she gets unwanted attention for the tattooed bad boy luke hemmings he changed her for the better?


23. Chapter 22

(Sorry it took so long to update I was in Canada for vacation and their was no wifi and I ha to put my phone on airplane mode so I didn't use any data which costed a lot of out of the country use)

The rest of the morning I listen to luke Mikey cal and ash practice their songs. Luke looked at me throughout the song beside you and it made me blush so much that the other boys started laughing at me.

"Hey kitten." Luke says enthusiastically walking up to me after band practice.

"Oh so now u have a pet name for me." I wrap my arms around his neck and look up at him.

"Yeah! Now u have to come up with one for me." He says giving me a smile.

"Ok daddy."I smirk and Luke's eyes widen and he bites his lip. "Someone has a daddy kink."I laughs and luke looks down blushing. "How does hemmo sound does it make u less sexually frustrated."

"Well, first of all u stole that from my youtube account, secondly yes it doesn't make me sexually frustrated, and third call me the penguin king." He make a "heroic" pose and I laugh.

"Alright penguin king but I'll keep that daddy kink of urs in mind."I wink and walk into the kitchen and grab a drink.

I can here ash laugh at luke and calling him daddy. Luke comes into the kitchen and it's bright red and flipping the boys off.

"Kitten do u want to go to the beach today?" Luke smirks.

"Sure but y r smirking."

"Nothing just imagining u in a bikini." He laughs and I slap his arm.

"U cheeky bastard I'm not wearing a bikini." I laugh.

"Y not." He pouts looking down at me.

"Because I'm pretty fat I'd look gross in a bikini and it would be embarrassing." I look down tearing up.

"Ur not fat willow. U r the most amazing and beautiful girl I have ever met and I think I would look pretty damn hot I'm a bikini." He kisses my forehead and hugs me tightly.

"Fine." I sigh.

"Sweet lets go."luke runs to the door.

"Um luke before we go to the beach I have to go home and get changed into my bathing suit and I need urs."I laugh

"Oh right. let me just grab my bathing suit."luke runs upstairs and comes back down with his black swim trunks in his hand and we drive to my house.

"Hey kitten do u need help changing." Luke smirks.

"No I don't."I roll my eyes and look at Jessica for help. "Jessica can u keep an eye on luke while I change I don't need him to try and sneak a peak of me changing."

"Ok!" Jessica seems really enthusiastic about looking after luke but I brush it off.

I run upstairs and grab my black fringed bikini which holly made me buy a couple weeks back. I put it on and put on some waterproof concealer to try and cover up the cuts on my stomach and my thighs. It worked pretty well considering I don't really cut there to much so with the concealer on the become unnoticeable. I put on a pair of high waisted jean shorts and a green day tank top. I usually wear jeans even though it's pretty hot outside but I decided to wear shorts. I slip on my flip flops and walk downstairs and into the living room.

I was not expecting wat I saw. Jessica was straddling luke with no shirt on and grinding on him while making out with him as he moans loudly. That asshole!

I pry Jessica off of luke and pull him off of the couch an grip his shirt. "Willow it's not wat it looks like." Of course he went with the clique line.

"Cut the bullshit and get the fuck out of my house luke." I shove him towards the door.

"Willow please listen to me." I stop pushing him for a bit but only to talk to him.

"Am I not good enough for u. Is that it because I let u take my virginity, last night I might add! And wat do u do. U go fucking make out with Jessica while I'm getting changed." I sob.

"Willow listen to me!" He tears up.

"No get the fuck out now!!" I yell. Luke pulls his hand back and slaps me. I stumble back stunned.

"I'd be glad to ur just a worthless whore like every other girl in the school and u just as stupid and naive. And u know wat u r fat and ugly. Ur definitely not the most beautiful girl I've ever met." He sneers.

"U bastard. To think I loved u and stopped cutting for u!!!!"I shoved him out the door and ran to my room and collapsed on my bed.

He new exactly how to make me feel like I was actually worth it and then the next moment become a emotionless asshole and just make me despise everything about him and myself. I went into my bathroom and grabbed my blade and made more cuts then I have in a while.

Jessica keeps trying to reason with me and trying to get me to let her in my room but I was so done with her.

That night I cried myself to sleep absolutely terrified of wat luke will do tomorrow at school.

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