Off Limits

Willow is not the prettiest girl in school but wen she gets unwanted attention for the tattooed bad boy luke hemmings he changed her for the better?


22. Chapter 21

I wake up with my legs tangled with Luke's and him engulfing me in a cuddle. I rest my head on his bare chest and listen to his steady breathe. I wrap my arms around him and breathe in his sent. I love the smell of his cologne. It's not some cheap horrid smelling one it smells quite nice.

I'm a bit hungry so I roll over slowly as to not wake luke and put on my bra and underwear that I find on the floor. I decide to take one of Luke's shirts to wear so I look through his dresser and find his nirvana shirt. It is really big on me considering I only go up to his shoulder.

I head downstairs and make my signature dish of cooking when's in a microwave without exploding. I crack some eggs and stir them(or watever u say) and put them in the microwave. I mindlessly roaming the kitchen. I quietly sing something's gotta give by ATL since it has been stuck in my head since I saw the video last week.

While I was zoning out I didn't notice luke come down the stairs and come into the kitchen. He wraps his arms around my waist from behind and I jump a bit. I then turn around and snake my hands around Luke's neck.

"Did I ever mention how great of a singer u r." I look down and blush. He lifts my chin up and kisses me. "So wats for breakfast?"

"I'm making eggs in the microwave. U want some."

"Sure I've never had eggs cooked in a microwave." He laugh. The microwave beeps and I take it out.

"Want it on a bagel with cheese?" I ask going over to the fridge and grab some cheese ad grabs the bagels off the counter.

"Sure." I assemble his bagel and mine and give him his. "Where did u learn to make eggs in a microwave?"

"My dad taught me wen I was younger it was a trick he learned in collage."

"Well it great." Luke smiles at me.

"Well it is my specialty." I say smugly and laugh. Luke laughs with me. "Wat do u wanna do today?"

"Well I have band practice in a bit but u can stay and listen if u would like."

"Sure." As soon as I say that. Ash Mikey an cal walk into the kitchen. "Hey guys."

"Hey willow." They say in unison.

"Looks like u two had fun last night." Ash says smirking. I turn bright red.

"How could u tell?" I ask.

"Well first of all ur only in a shirt which is also Luke's. U have a dark hickey on ur neck and Luke's hair is messed up and he has red scratches on his back." Ash states. We both blush as the boys laugh at us.

"I'll get changed and we can start practicing."


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