Off Limits

Willow is not the prettiest girl in school but wen she gets unwanted attention for the tattooed bad boy luke hemmings he changed her for the better?


20. Chapter 19

After bringing all of my stuff in I join everyone else in the living room. Luke fallows closely behind me.

"Hey Nate Jess and Ricky, y do u guys go help willow put her things away and get to know each other." My dad says not looking away from the football game currently on.

They all agree and we all head to my room. I tell Jessica to get my box full of posters and to help me put them up. She hands me the box and I put it on my bed.

"R u guys ok it I play some music while out my stuff away?"

"Sure I don't mind." Nathan looks through my poster box." I turn on teenagers by my chemical romance.

I start taking my posters out and putting them up on my wall. I put up most of my posters which most consisted of blink 182, ATL, good Charlotte ect.

"Do u have any Ariana grande." Jessica asks.

"Or classical music." Nathan adds.

"Um no I don't." I say awkwardly.

"Y not." Jessica asks.

"Well because I hate Ariana grande. She sounds like a chipmunk on steroids and she isn't the nicest of people (Sorry Ariana grande fans it's just my opinion). And u can t rock out to classical there is no guitar riff or a bass line or words."

"Well I think classical is great." Nathan comments.

"I'm sure u do but this is my opinion and I don't particularly like either. Ricky wat kind of music do u like?"

"Um anything that's on 96.5(it's a radio station for pop music in my state)."

"Oh god. Ok I have a little get to know u thing that we r going to do." I grab my box full of CDs."Ok u guys ur going to listen to my music so that hopefully u will gain a good taste in music."

I pull out all of the green day music I have and hand it to Ricky. Since he might have heard boulevard on the radio wen it just came out.

Hand Jessica all of my mayday parade music since it's somewhat slower and not as "hard core" as some of my other bands that I like.

And finally I give all time low to Nathan because all time low is great at harmonizing with the two guitars and the bass and the vocals. Plus in the the acoustic version of somewhere in neverland there is a violin playing in some of it.

"Ok so u guys r going to listen to this music and tell me wat u think it will be ur way to getting to know me."

"Only if u listen to some of our music." Jessica says.

"Fine." Jessica gives me Ariana grande CDs. Nathan gives me Bach CDs. Ricky gives me Ed Sheeran and,since there r only two CDs,Bruno Mars who I actually don't completely hate.

I guess I'm stuck listening to theses CDs. I just hope I don't rip off my ears because of their music.

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